Maryam confirmed the ECP’s statement regarding the charge sheet against the government in the NA-75 by-election.

Maryam confirmed the ECP’s statement regarding the charge sheet against the government in the NA-75 by-election.

PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz is addressing a press conference on February 20, 2021. – YouTube

PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz on Saturday said that the statement of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) regarding the by-poll held a day earlier in NA-75 Sialkot IV was a “charge sheet against the government”.

His remarks came during a press conference aimed at “exposing” alleged rigging in the constituency by “PTI members”. During the briefing, the PML-N vice-president aired videos as “evidence” of the rigging.

He said that after the ECP’s statement and the party’s joint evidence, she now demanded re-election in the entire constituency.

The Election Commission had announced a day earlier that the results were withheld due to suspicion of vote rigging.

In her briefing, Maryam thanked the party workers and the people of Daska and Nowshera for “protecting their votes” and “catching the thieves” who allegedly stole votes.

He said he had freed the vote from the “crocodile’s grip”.

Maryam also offered condolences to the families of the two people who were killed in the violence a day before the by-elections.

‘Plan for Wazirabad and Daska’

Talking about the violence that took place the day before the by-elections, the PML-N leader said that a “plan” had been drawn up in Wazirabad and Daska as it was clear that the PML-N had the upper hand there. ۔

He said that in Nowshera, the government did not see the victory of PML-N coming because it had not won there before.

Maryam claimed that the government’s own camps were “empty” and that there was a lot of “visible support” for the PML-N.

The PML-N vice-president alleged, “That is why they resorted to firing in broad daylight (in Daska and Wazirabad). There is a video in which you fired on a PTI candidate and his relatives.” Can be seen doing. ” Of “two children”

A video was then played in which it was said that he was marked with a red circle around the candidate to identify him.

“A video never lies,” Mary said. “When there is evidence, it is shown. Allegations are not made that way.”

Then the PML-N vice-president raised questions about what was being done inside the polling stations as soon as the doors were closed, when there was still time for voting. He said that he had signaled to line up outside the PML-N voters who had been waiting for hours to be allowed inside.

He said that the frustrated voters, when the time was approaching, started banging on the doors and were forced to go inside.

“When they failed to keep them out, they ran away with the ballot boxes,” Maryam said.

“This is Wazirabad that I am talking about. The presiding officer was caught red-handed with a white bag full of votes. […] “We caught him in the presence of the Rangers,” he said.

Maryam said the government “did not stop there”. Referring to the incidents in NA-75 Sialkot IV, he claimed, “Then they managed to make about 20 Election Commission staff disappear.”

“We don’t know where they were kept for 14 hours and what they had,” he added.

There are claims of “fog”, he said. “Why were their phones turned off all the time?” He asked

Election Commission statement ‘charge sheet against government’

Maryam then discussed the ECP’s press release stating that the results had been delayed and that the presiding officer could not be reached.

“Even the Election Commission did not know where their officers had gone missing,” he said.

He said that even the ECP was saying that its officers had been “held hostage” and announced that the results had been changed.

Maryam said the ECP’s statement was a “big charge sheet” against the “fake government”.

He also commented on voter turnout at various polling stations, which, according to the graph, “earlier, after the disappearance of the presiding officers, mysteriously, 30-90-90% of the electorate voted.” Were gone. “

He added that party worker Ata Tarar “sat down with the returning officer and found out that 900 votes had been cast where only 600 were registered”.

“It’s been 14 hours. There’s still more time and it’s going to increase by 200 percent,” Mary said.

He requested the ECP to restore the dignity of the institution. “The eyes of the whole nation are on you […] Strict action should be taken against all police officers, administration officers, and government officials involved. “

Mary said they should do justice and justice “should see to do”.

The PML-N vice-president congratulated Prime Minister Imran Khan on “losing the election despite historic rigging”.

He also demanded that a case be registered against Prime Minister Imran Khan and Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazdar for “vote theft” and killing of two people.

Responding to a question after the briefing, Maryam said the PML-N was demanding re-election in the entire NA-75 Sialkot IV constituency, alleging that polling there had been deliberately “slowed down”.

He said that the “legal minds” of the party would deliberately pave the way for moving forward, adding that a request had already been submitted to the ECP.

The results of NA-75 were withheld after the controversy

By-elections were held in four constituencies in total: NA-45 Karam I, NA-75 Sialkot IV, PP-51 Gujranwala I and PK-63 Nowshera III.

The results of the NA-75 by-election were withheld by the Returning Officer on Saturday at the request of the PML-N amid a dispute over 23 presiding officers who were allegedly “missing”.

According to preliminary data obtained Geo News Out of 337 polling stations in NA-75, the PML-N topped the list with 97,588 votes. PTI candidate Ali Asjad Khan has so far polled 94,541 votes.

Meanwhile, unofficial results of all polling stations in PP-51 Gujranwala I showed that PML-N’s Begum Talat Mahmood won with 53,903 votes.

Similarly, unofficial results of all 102 polling stations in constituency PK 63 63 Nowshera III show that PML-N’s Mukhtiar Wali won the election with 21,122 votes.

Unofficial results of NA-45 Karam I from all 134 polling stations show that PTI candidate Malik Fakhr Zaman won the election with 16,911 votes while JUI-F’s Jamil Chamkani won 15. , Received 761 votes.

‘PTI people caught red handed’

Maryam’s announcement came a day after she tried to sound the alarm on Twitter, claiming she had stolen PTI members’ votes as the by-elections were being counted.

Mary released a series of “bomb shell” videos as proof of her claim.

He claimed that “PTI members were caught stealing huge number of votes”. He said that it was PML-N MPAs Adil Chatha and Ata Tarar who caught the culprits.

The PML-N vice-president had earlier urged the PML-N supporters to cast their votes “bravely” during the violence, especially in Daska, Wazirabad and Nowshera, when the counting of ballot papers began. Was

He wrote, “I urge the PML-N workers, especially in Daska, Wazirabad and Nowshera, to cast their votes with courage and determination during the PTI government representatives and the police theft.” , Show the same determination and protect your votes. ” In a message on Twitter shortly after the pool closed at 5 p.m.

Friday marked a day of voting that sparked violence, with two people killed and at least eight injured.

Clashes broke out between PTI and PML-N workers in Daska constituency, with each accusing the other of inciting violence to influence voter turnout.


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