Maryam left Jati Umra for the rally before December 13

Maryam left Jati Umra for the rally before December 13

Address in Ichhra

5:58 p.m.

Addressing a reception camp in Ichhra, where police had arrested several PML-N leaders on the first day, Maryam Nawaz welcomed the release of the detained leaders and said that if the leaders had not been released. They would sit outside the police station. Law enforcement “I salute you. He paid a great tribute to the workers and local leaders.

The PML-N president appealed to the people to attend a meeting of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) on December 13 in which 11 opposition parties are going to hold a power show.

“Promise me, you will meet me in Minar Pakistan and we will give a final push to the fake government,” he added during the uproar from Taj.

Address of Shanghai Bridge

4:30 p.m.

A similar welcome was given to Maryam when she reached the Shanghai Bridge of Chongi Amr Sadhu.

Maryam asked the people if it was time for Boggs to send the government back home and for tenders to resign from the assemblies, to which the mob replied in the affirmative.

He said that despite all the claims and non-issuance of NRO, now the search is on for only one person named Nawaz Sharif. “He used to say that Nawaz Sharif’s politics is over.”

On the occasion, Khawaja Saad Rafique termed the PTI government as a thief and said that they should leave office and the need to respect the vote has been emphasized.

He remarked that the prison doors would be broken down soon, leading to the release of the imprisoned opposition leader.

Saad said sitting in the current assemblies was a futile exercise, adding that the country needed the supremacy of the constitution.

Arriving at Gajumata

3:50 p.m.

Maryam reached the starting point of her rally at Gajumata, where an accused crowd had gathered to greet her. They showered rose petals on his car, which has become a tradition in PML-N events.

On this occasion, the PML-N vice-president got out of the car and temporarily climbed on the stage, waving to the party workers and supporters. Later, he gave a short speech to strengthen the crowd, asking them to attend the December 13 PDM meeting.

Showering Notes

3:47 p.m.

As people gather on the way to greet their leader, a woman can be seen handing out Rs 100 notes to the crowd in the reception camps.

Jati Umrah

Half past two

PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz left her residence on Thursday afternoon for a rally to mobilize the people for the December 13 PDM meeting, 24 News HD TV The channel reported.

Talking to media, Maryam said that it is time for a decision to come. “Support Nawaz Sharif and get rid of this oppressive government.”

He also blamed Prime Minister Imran Khan for his NRO statements and vowed that he would not get any respite from the opposition.

“There is a man named Imran Khan. For two and a half years, he kept saying, “I will not give any NRO.” Now look at tomorrow’s newspapers. The man is now seeking NRO from PML-N and PDM.

There will be a historic meeting on December 13, Maryam Nawaz

Posted by 24 News HD On Thursday, December 10, 2020

A large number of assistants and workers receiving compensation with Mary will first reach Gujumatta via Ring Road. At the end of the night, the rally will end at Data Darbar.

The rally started shortly after 2:30 p.m., although the scheduled time was 2 p.m. About 15 reception camps have been set up along the route along Ferozepur Road – the busiest artery in the city as PML-N leaders will also address party supporters in several places.

Due to the largest crowd in the country at the moment, the PML-N vice-president is increasingly campaigning for a public gathering on December 13 under the banner of the PDM.

Earlier on Monday, Maryam used to pass through the northern parts of the city while passing through Drogwala, Shalimar Chowk, Garhi Shahu, Tajpura, Badami Bagh and Shahdara. During the process, Maryam also addressed PML-N supporters in different areas as people gathered thousands of people on the way to the rally and gave a strong response.

But as the PML-N was coming for a rally on Thursday, police earlier in the day arrested two local leaders who were preparing for the occasion.

Police made the arrest from Ichhra where Syed Tauseef Shah and Chaudhry Baqir were busy preparing a reception camp by placing containers on Service Road near Ferozepur Road. It is the busiest artery in the city.

Later, the two PML-N leaders were shifted to Ichhra police station as Syed Waseet Shah, another active member of the party, confirmed that such measures would not intimidate them.

Commenting on the move, PML-N spokesperson Maryam Aurangzeb told the media that Thursday’s rally would take place despite arrests and threats.

Stating that he was not afraid of arrests and lawsuits, he remarked that he would wear the FIR in the name of honor.

Threatening the government with special reference to the arrest of DJ Butt, Maryam said that the Prime Minister of the country was busy fighting the opposition with the provision of chairs and sound systems. He added, “Imran Khan is competing with DJ Butt, not PDM.”

PDM is ready to take over the Minar of Pakistan

Despite the registration of cases and arrests, the opposition is ready to deviate and show off as the PDM leaders will enter Minar Pakistan in the afternoon to make arrangements for the December 13 rally.

According to details, the provincial leadership of PDM’s coalition parties will enter the venue and remain there till the completion of the meeting.

It will be a repeat of the incidents in Multan where opposition activists and leaders led by the sons of former Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani removed all obstacles and were forced to move to Qasim Bagh Stadium.

Although the district administration later regained control, the venue was later opened for the opposition on November 30 – the same day the rally was to take place.

However, the PDM had decided to stop the gathering at Qasim Bagh Stadium as they could not make any arrangements for the sound system and lighting. Instead, they rallied off the street – the square bell tower, one of the busiest in the city.

No one knows what will happen on December 13, but it was earlier reported that the PDM has started considering the taxi gate as an alternative location. However, this has not been officially confirmed by any opposition party or leader.

Earlier on Tuesday, the government used a decades-old formula to water Greater Iqbal Park, where Minar Pakistan is located.

And just hours later, Special Assistant to the Punjab Chief Minister Firdous Ashiq Awan claimed in a press conference that the government would not create any obstacles in holding the event.

When a reporter asked him about pumping water into the water, Awan called it nothing and insisted that the law would come into force if the eradication of the coronavirus was violated. ۔


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