Maryam Nawaz has the ability to represent

Maryam Nawaz has the ability to represent

“When people take to the streets, it means they are disappointed by the central government that they have no choice. They are also afraid of the corona, because it is the cause of hunger and unemployment. Are afraid of death.

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The gathering in the pictures is not Dubai, where thousands of people gathered to commemorate La Lazina in Spain or the Lantern Festival in Mexico. It is in Lahore. Only a small town in Lahore. People have gone to their necks.

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Countries around the world have helped their people by providing food and basic services during the epidemic. On the contrary, Pakistan has such a weak economy that it can support its people. So, people are angry. They have lost everything, even their assets.
This may be the main point of contention, but #MaryamNawaz and the people – two names are associated with her.

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Maryam Nawaz has the ability to represent. She spends a long time among the crowd who are frustrated and desperately need help. Without formal training, his physical agility is unbearable.

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Despite this illness, they have come out in the hope of change. They put their trust and confidence in him because they think Maryam Nawaz is one of them. Not taking care of anything but standing with them. “
She will be at Minar Pakistan, Lahore on December 13.

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