Masked face, lipstick sales take a hit; Focus on eye makeup India news

Masked face, lipstick sales take a hit; Focus on eye makeup India news

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Mumbai: The “lipstick index”, which typically rises during an economic downturn, has lost its luster with the Kovid-led lockdown.
Lipstick sales Has taken a hit with people living indoors and is changing dramatically in a consumer’s makeup usage behavior. Together Masks Having accessory and no opportunity for socialization, consumer attention leads to more change eye makeup By applying lipstick. This may well lead to a trend as many organizations, in their post-lockdown workplace policies, are mandating masks on office premises.
Seeing this shift in Consumer behavior, Color cosmetics companies Strategies are being pursued to advance products in eye areas such as eyelashes, mascaras and eyeshadow.
Director of L’Oreal India (Consumer and Market insights & Media) Kavita Angre told TOI, “Lipstick use has been affected with a decrease in social opportunities outside the home. People are not using lipstick while working from home. They wear a lipstick when they The official presentation has to be done. On a video call where they will appear. We shift more towards eye makeup. ”

A spokesperson for beauty retailer Nyika said, “It is interesting to note that eyeshadow sales pushed it into the top 5 to top 3 category.” Industry sources said that India has always been an eye market. Because of the market size eye makeup is around 36%, and lip makeup is 32%. However, according to Nyaka, lips remain a segment leader in makeup.
The color cosmetics category has performed well in times of the last recession. Women have a special connection with their makeup and it not only plays a functional role, but also has a strong emotional following. A spokesperson for Hindustan Unilever said, “In the immediate term, the purchase has slowed down due to the lockdown. Our consumer work indicates that they are willing to recoup as soon as possible, and we expect a move because The market reopens completely. ”
On the other hand, with increasing stress on hygiene and care, companies expect consumers to spend more on lip care products such as lip balms and face creams.
Companies believe that the decline in lipstick usage is a phase that will soon pass. “Basically, we are social beings. Not dying socially. We are going to find new ways to socialize in a new normal way. Eventually, lipsticks will make a comeback. The fact that lipsticks are mood enhancers is still good. Huh.”
However, accessibility of a product may be the key, as the recession and consumers must tighten their fists to conserve cash in these uncertain times.
Industry experts said that digital and e-commerce, which are important for this category, will continue to boom. A Nyka spokesperson said, “We are reaching pre-sales Kovid numbers, indicating a significant pent-up demand. Skin and hair care sales have seen increased voice through lockdown, And this year will have significant aesthetic focus. ” .


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