MCD, Delhi govt teachers should ensure smooth transfer of students to class 6: Sisodia

MCD, Delhi govt teachers should ensure smooth transfer of students to class 6: Sisodia

New Delhi: Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Tuesday said there is a need to enhance cooperation between municipal and Delhi government teachers for smooth transition of Class 6 students from MCD schools to city government-run schools.

Every year, around 1.7 lakh students from municipal schools attend class 6 in schools run by the Delhi government.


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Sisodia said that only 76 per cent of the children enrolled in class VI in Delhi government schools were able to access the semi-online classes.

He also chaired a meeting with Municipal Commissioners of North, South and East Delhi Corporations for smooth integration of students joining Class 6 from MCD feeder schools to DOE schools.

Pointing out the areas that need improvement in the transition of students, Sisodia said, “We need the correct contact details of students joining Delhi government schools from municipal schools so that their Class 6 teachers can quickly access them. to reach.”

Last year, only 30-35 per cent of the students had correct phone numbers at the beginning of the session.

“As a result, a large number of students could not be engaged from the start and therefore could not obtain worksheets or attend semi-online classes.

“Government school teachers in Delhi made special efforts to trace the whereabouts of these children, but ultimately only 76 per cent of the children enrolled in class 6 of Delhi government schools could reach it. This year to prevent a repeat of the same situation. For this, DoE officials and MCDs should prepare a plan where class 5 teachers of feeder MCD schools partner with class 6 teachers of Delhi government schools,” Sisodia said.

Sisodia, who is also the Education Minister of Delhi, said that students and teachers have faced a lot of mental and physical challenges due to the COVID crisis and closure of schools.

“We must ensure that students transitioning from MCD to DOE schools receive the same emotional and learning support from their teachers as students in other classes of DOE schools. A joint effort between MCD school teachers and DOE school teachers Will go a long way in getting the right contact details of such students and strengthen the bond between teachers and their students.

“The MCD teachers of class V should meet the teachers of class 6 in a Delhi government school and the two together call the students on the phone. If the phone number is wrong, the MCD teachers can go back to their schools and others with their help Students and their own contacts get updated contact details. This will save time and effort of their counterparts in DOE schools.”

Similarly, not only contact details, MCD teachers can share details about their students regarding their special circumstances, if any, such as but not limited to death of a parent, need for emotional support, medical history etc. , so that DOE schools are better prepared to support these students, the minister emphasized.

During the meeting, it was also decided to organize a Joint Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM) for the students appearing in Class 6 this year.

“It will be a special PTM, adhering to the COVID protocol, where MCD and DoE teachers will meet with parents in July,” Sisodia said.


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