Messi imitated Maradona’s goals and skills but not his lifestyle – football

Messi imitated Maradona’s goals and skills but not his lifestyle – football

Lionel Messi is the only Argentine who actually survives to be described as the next Diego Maradona, so it was a little surprise that the Barcelona captain would get his late compatriot Osuna to his goal in Sunday’s 4-0 Liga win Should dedicate to

Two of Argentina’s iconic players may be of opposite character, but they shared many traits, including a bond with Newell’s Old Boys and to reveal the Rosario club’s red and black color before the Barca captain pointed to the sky Removed his shirt.

Massey was born for the World Cup in Mexico in 1986, a year after Maradona’s captaincy, but he was a fan at Newell’s Stadium in 1993 when Maradona made his debut for the club.

Messi’s goal on Sunday was hitting a Maradona in their parity, both days against Amelec dribbling on the edge of the field before finding the top corner.

This was not the only occasion Messi mimicked Maradona.

His solo effort against Getafe in 2007 was Maradona’s second carbon copy against England in the ’86 World Cup quarter-finals, which was also remembered for Argentina’s “Hand of God” goal.

Sponsored by two players from a dance past near the half line, it ended with a goal keeper and a slide to the ground as the ball was stuck in the net.

In the same season, Messi produced his “Hand of God” moment, punching the ball into the net against Espanyol, shouting to an Argentine commentator: “It’s dressed up as Maradona Messi. He’s reborn. . “

Both players shared a low center of gravity, incredible passing range, and vision plus a magical left leg, although their characters often seemed isolated from the world.


Maradona made headlines throughout his career and was often in the limelight for his off-field activities.

Yet his image often helped, especially in Argentina where thousands of people rejected COVID-19 bans to mourn their hero, who died at the age of 60 on Wednesday.

While Messi viewed Barcelona night life as a youth, he is a private family man who had three boys with his childhood sweet son Antonella Roccuzzo, who married in 2017.

The biggest scandal occurred when he was convicted of tax fraud, an allegation also to Maradona, during whose tenure his drug career, overwriting and alcoholism had stunted his career.

But who ranks as a better player?

Maradona scored 346 goals in 679 matches for his clubs and country in all competitions, but two medicines as well as health and injury problems meant he spent only eight years at the top of his game.

Messi, who made his debut in 2004, has played 855 matches and scored 712 goals, with 33 years still left.

He is Barca’s record scorer and most decorated player, hoisting 10 La Liga titles and four Champions League trophies.

Key Players

Maradona never won Europe’s top club award but won two Serie A titles and one UEFA Cup for an ordinary Napoli side, while he was equally talisman for Argentina and a key player in the 1986 World Cup.

Messi is Argentina’s all-time top scorer, but luck has left him when it matters most. He was on the losing side of the 2014 World Cup final that lost to Germany in extra time and tasted defeat in two Copa America finals on penalties.

Argentinian President Alberto Fernandez said, “Maradona is definitely the best player I’ve seen, but Messi fans shouldn’t be angry about this because he lives in a different era.”

“But you can put Maradona with 10 broomsticks and he will still win the team.”

Former players find it difficult to choose who was the best.

“Diego was more artistic and more passionate, but Messi has achieved more,” said Maradona’s former Argentine teammate Jorge Valdano.

Current Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeon, who played for Sevilla and Argentina with Maradona: “It makes no sense to choose between them, they played in different eras.”

“Diego was very emotional but Leo scored many more goals. They were both exceptionally good but very different.”


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