Messi’s ‘weird’ La Liga anxiously waiting for the restart. Football news

Messi’s ‘weird’ La Liga anxiously waiting for the restart. Football news

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Madrid: Barcelona and Argentina captain Lionel Messi said he was eager to start playing again but felt the La Liga game would look “strange” behind closed doors.

Messi, who was confined like the rest of Spain by a coronovirus epidemic a few weeks later, is training with Barca before the resumption of La Liga’s plan behind closed doors on the weekend on 12 June.

On the website of sports brand Adidas, Messi said, “We can’t think about what we’re leaving behind this year. It’s better to think about the future.”

“Like going back to day-to-day training, watching my teammates, playing their first few games. No doubt it will be awkward at first, but I’m eager to compete again!”

He said that playing without fans “implies a series of challenges. Preparation at the squad level is the same as for any other match, but it is true that you have to train personally and mentally to play without people. Have to be ready because it’s so weird. ”

“It would be like starting over,” he said. “Technically it will be the same season, but I think all teams and players will experience it differently.”

Messi was scheduled to lead Argentina this summer in Copa America, where his country is joint hosts with Colombia, but in March, the competition was postponed to June and July of the following year.

“The postponement of Copa America was a huge disappointment, but certainly it was fair and most rational,” Messi said.

“The Copa was going to be a big event for me this year and I wanted to play it again,” he said.

“It was hard when I was hearing about the adjournment, but I fully understood it.”


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