Missing Russian-American climber Alex Goldfarb’s body found in Pakistan Mountaineer

On Tuesday, the region’s tourist police and the Alpine Club of Pakistan reported that a Russian-American climber, who went missing last week while trying to scale the mountain during severe winter weather in northern Pakistan.

Tourist police in the town of Gilgit announced on Twitter that Alex Goldbarb had gone missing on Friday while trying to reach a summit. Pastor PeakNot far from K2, which is the most prominent peak in the Pakistani Himalayan range, and the second highest peak in the world after Mount Everest.

Goldfarb lost contact and a helicopter rescue and search team was dispatched. According to Karar Haideri, secretary of the Pakistan Alpine Club of Pakistan, the Pakistani army found the body Monday after a day-long search.

Muhammad Ali Sadpara, a Pakistani mountaineer who was part of the relief team, also tweeted. With the help of Pakistani and foreign climbers, efforts are now underway to bring down Goldfarb’s body.

Goldfarb and Hungarian climber Zoltan Slanko initially planned to measure the pastor together, but Slenko later decided to back off. “I will never forget their kindness,” Haidari said, offering his condolences to Goldfarb’s family.

Goldfarb was a doctor and lecturer at Harvard University. According to his son Levy, he volunteered to treat Cove 19 patients during the epidemic.

“He thought [mountain climbing] “It was beautiful,” said Levy Golderfarb. “He thought it was free, because in the mountains it really doesn’t matter who you are on the surface – a doctor, a lawyer, or a thief, all those labels were taken away and you They were playing with each other. A set of rules. He made great friends in the mountains, he saved his life and saved himself, and he traveled the world.

On Saturday, a team of Nepalese climbers made history by climbing the K2 for the first time in the winter. Hundreds of local and foreign climbers head to northern Pakistan each year, and accidents are common due to avalanches and sudden changes in the weather.


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