Modi government devastated farmers, strangled them: 10 things Rahul Gandhi said in Punjab – India news

Modi government devastated farmers, strangled them: 10 things Rahul Gandhi said in Punjab – India news

In a sustained attack on the government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said on Monday that not a single policy launched by the Center in the last six years has benefited poor people.

Keeping in mind government policies and laws like GST and demonetisation, Rahul Gandhi said, “He passed three black farm bills amidst the coronovirus outbreak. What was the hurry to do it at this time? He did this because he felt that the farmers would not be able to do anything, but he did not know the strength of the farmer. “

Congress leaders were addressing a ‘Kisan Bachao Rally’ in Sangrur, Punjab.

Under Gandhi’s leadership, the Congress party has been organizing tractor rallies across the state from October 4-6 to protest against the three controversial legislations passed by Parliament last month and received the President’s assurances.

Here’s what Rahul Gandhi said in his rally:

For six years, this government has been carrying out one after another attack on the poor, laborers and farmers. If you look at their policies, there is not a single policy that can benefit poor people.

– They said they would demonetize to fight black money, but the nation had to stand in long queues outside the banks. You put your money in the bank, but Modi ji waived the debt of India’s richest billionaires by taking your money.

– GST brought after demonetization, now you ask any small shopkeeper or small businessman what happened to GST. To date, the small shopkeeper or businessman has not understood GST.

– Demonetisation, GST etc. is a way to target all small shoppers or small and medium businesses. You have to understand that Narendra Modi ji is making way for Adani and Ambani.

– At the time of Corona, we asked Narendra Modi to help the poor, hungry laborers walking thousands of kilometers. We said to help the small traders, but Modi ji still did not take any step.

– This country will not be able to provide employment to its youth in the coming time because Modi ji has ruined the system of employment generation.

Everyone knows that this system needs to be changed, farmers need to be given infrastructure, market needs to be created, but Narendra Modi is not even trying to strengthen this system. Narendra Modi ji is only destroying this system. While he should guarantee MSP, with these three laws he is killing farmers and laborers, strangling them.

– Today, if a farmer has any problem in the market, he can speak or contact any other merchant, but tomorrow our farmers will have Adani on one side and Ambani on the other side. The farmer will have only two options – Adani or Ambani. Now tell me if any farmer can fight them. Can you talk to them Not at all.

Those who think that this will only harm farmers and laborers, they do not understand the food system of this country. If Adani and Ambani took over the agricultural system, each family would have to pay twice as much for food.

– I am standing here not only for the farmers and laborers, but for all the people of India because not only the working class, the whole country is going to fall prey to these laws.


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