More than 14,000 people from 15 countries participate in The Run to the Moon. More sports news

More than 14,000 people from 15 countries participate in The Run to the Moon. More sports news

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CHANDIGARH: 14,000 runners from around 15 countries have responded IDBI Federal Life Insurance And NEB Sports’ call to participate in a unique run to raise funds for coaches and sports support staff in India Universal epidemic.
Winner by the prestigious badminton coach of Team India Pullela Gopichand, Arjuna Award winner Ashwini Nachappa And Malati Hola ,,Run to the moon21 July will coincide with the 51st anniversary of man’s first landing on the moon. Running almost simultaneously in different parts of the world, the participants will aim to cover 3,84,400 kilometers between Earth and the Moon by the big day.
“The ongoing crisis has really hit the coaches and sports support teams hard. I want to thank all the participants of ‘Run to the Moon’ who have contributed to this cause, “Gopichand, A. Dronacharya award, said.
“Run to the Moon is a great positive initiative during these times and I would like to encourage all participants to run and stay fit and active during these 30 days.” He added.
Former Mumbai Ranji players Vighnesh Shahane, Who is also the MD and CEO of IDBI Federal Life Insurance.
He said, “All proceeds of the run will go towards helping coaches and sports support staff. They are unheard warriors of the Indian game and it is our endeavor to do something for those who actually contribute to the Indian game. ”
Registrations have been received from more than 945 cities in India with Mumbai, Bengaluru and Delhi having the maximum number of participants. The youngest contestant is 10-year-old Rishon Fernandes from Mumbai and the eldest is G. Laxman, 87-year-old from Bangalore. There have been many entries from all over the world including Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Bahrain, Finland, Ireland, Japan, Jordan, Malaysia, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh and Iran.
Many corporates have also fielded their runners. More than Rs 14 lakh has been donated by the participants and the funds collected will be handed over to Badminton Academy of Gopichand, Sports Foundation of Ashwini and Mathur Foundation of Malati Hola; They will identify coaches and sports support staff who need immediate financial help and help them in the best way.
Registered participants can choose anywhere. While they are not required to walk every day, over a period of one month, they must travel a minimum distance of 65 kilometers for their entries to be valid. To be eligible on a particular day, a runner must cover a minimum distance of 2.5 km and a maximum of 10 km on that day.


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