Moving away from Tikkok, local ron mitron has become outspoken India news

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CHENNAI: With more than half a million downloads every day, a Tittock clone named ‘cl mitron’ has climbed the charts of the top Indian options for the Chinese short video app within a month since its launch. Led by 31-year-old IIT-Roorkee alumnus Shivank Aggarwal with his team of fewer than 5 members based out of Bengaluru, the Android app Mitron – the term means friends, and often used by Prime Minister Narendra Modi – April 2020 . Designed to show and share its innovative videos for people, the app saw a 4x jump in downloads to 5.4 million between April and May 25, according to data from app intelligent firm Sensor Tower. Listed by its parent company, it has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 on the Google Play Store.
Talking on the origins of this self-funded app, a spokesperson for the team told TOI, “Indian consumers and content creators should be served by an Indian platform. When we launched our product, we never aimed to compete with anyone. Our mantra was to provide users with an Indian option (with the Chinese app TikTok). Whether people want to use it or not is not in our hands. But, we are pleased with the result. “The name Mitron seems to have ensured some free publicity for the app. However, the spokesperson said, “Friends mean friends.” If we named it ‘friend’, the question would never have come up.
This is prejudice against an Indian name, which we want to overcome. “This news comes at a time when between March and May there has been a steep 48% drop in user downloads for TicketLock in India from 48.7 million to 18.5 million. This is in contrast to the growth of downloads that recorded 7% in February and 8% in March this year. Overall, app downloads shrank from 119 million to 90.6 million over the same period, a 15% decline. Overall, TikTok has over 2.1 billion downloads rated during its lifetime to date, with 633 million downloads in India.
The Chinese short video application is owned by ByteDance, the world’s most valuable private technology company, worth $ 100 billion. Many were tweeting and trending anti-China sentiments as the coronavirus virus originated in the neighboring country and the Indo-China border tension also erupted in early May.


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