Multinational military drill ‘diplomatic blow to Pakistan’

Multinational military drill ‘diplomatic blow to Pakistan’

Experts say a week-long multinational naval exercise, organized by Pakistan, is set to begin in the Arabian Sea on Thursday, a move that could boost bilateral ties with several countries.

From February 11 to 16, navies from 45 countries, including the United States, China, Russia and Turkey, are participating.

Russia will join a military drill with NATO members for the first time in a decade, a development considered significant. The last time Russian and NATO navies took part in a joint exercise was in Bold King, off the coast of Spain.

Held under the slogan “Together Peace”, the Pakistan Navy said the exercise was aimed at “promoting international co-operation against piracy, terrorism and other crimes” for maritime security and stability. There is danger.

Retired Lt. Gen. Talat Masood, an Islamabad-based security analyst, said, “In these circumstances, it is important to bring together 45 countries, including rivals.” Anadolu Agency, Noting Washington’s growing diplomatic tensions with Moscow and Beijing.

He added that the two-year exercise provides an opportunity for Russia and NATO members to join the military.

“The exercise will also serve as diplomatic pressure for Islamabad,” said Masood, who served in the Pakistan Army from 1951 to 1990. Pakistan has shown that it has expanded its diplomatic reach to the point where it can bring together countries that are otherwise hostile to each other.

Munawar Hussain Panhwar, an assistant professor at Quaid-e-Azam International University in Islamabad, said the unusual military ties between Russia and the United States were in line with US President Joe Biden’s “engagement” policy.

He added that the exercise would also put pressure on Islamabad’s efforts to boost defense and military ties with Russia. It has been an Indian ally for a long time.

“This could help Islamabad further reduce defense and military ties with its traditional allies, as well as at least seek new regional and international partners in the defense sector,” he said. Anadolu Agency.

Referring to the participation of several South and East Asian countries, including Bangladesh, Masood said: “It will send a message to India that Pakistan is not an isolated country, but a voluntary partner with other countries.”

The already frozen relationship between the two nuclear neighbors has further eroded in recent years, especially after New Delhi ended the semi-autonomous status of Indian-occupied Kashmir in August 2019.

Islamabad has also accused New Delhi of supporting militants in Afghanistan and sabotaging infrastructure projects such as the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

The wrestler, who teaches international relations, said it was an opportunity for Islamabad to further consolidate its geographical importance. Pakistan is bound by Iran, Afghanistan, China and India.

Ishtiaq Ahmed, a security analyst and vice-chancellor of Sargodha University in Punjab, said that by combining forces with competitive interests in the Indian Ocean, “Pakistan has played an important role in regional peace and stability.”


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