Mumbai is the best and safest city for success in academic endeavor

Mumbai is the best and safest city for success in academic endeavor

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A renowned center of the Excellence Center for Excellence for Education, offers innumerable benefits to students pursuing career-oriented courses in the city

Ask any parent in India about the most stressful stage of life and most agree that their child’s graduation is at the top of the list. Graduate is considered the most important stage of education as it will define the path and progress of career or higher studies based on your choice. Therefore, it is necessary that the decisions taken before the start of this phase are correct. An underlying fear of making the wrong choice triggers a major source or parental stress.

Decisions should be taken at two levels, with the curriculum advancing, which is very important in every way. After this, the city you take the course in is equally, if not more important, a factor. Parents can manage to reach this level with full marks by helping their child choose for a course like engineering, which remains a preferred option as it continues to generate the most employable talent according to the AICTE survey keeps. When it comes to identifying the right place for graduate years, Mumbai is the best option for many reasons.


As the financial capital of India, Mumbai has always attracted students from across the country as well as all over the world. Those already inhabiting the city and its peripheral areas are considered very lucky and actually promoted by others. That city that never sleeps, known as Mumbai, is quite safe with facilities easily accessible on a 24×7 basis.

BEST is well connected by bus services connecting every part of Mumbai metropolitan area (MMR) to suburban trains. The Mumbai metro network is being expanded and soon it will increase connectivity to an even higher level. Auto rickshaws and taxis operate round the clock. Student accommodation is also available to suit every budget.

With many business districts operating across multiple innings, there is always some amount of activity. Regular police patrolling and online monitoring give Mumbaikars the confidence to work and study for hours at night, go home for a few hours and return in the morning. Restaurants, delivery services and fast food outlets in prime locations ensure that students in Mumbai never go hungry.

All these positive aspects together ensured that neither parents nor students had any cause for concern. Students can focus exclusively on their studies as all their related needs are taken care of. Their parents can sleep at night knowing that their children are attending preferred graduate courses like engineering in the safest and nicest city in Mumbai.

Above all, Mumbai’s educational institutions are consistently bar and benchmarking against the best in the world. Numerically positions the United Nations as a center of education in Mumbai with improved standards of teaching, highly-trained teachers, industry-focused curricula for new and older campuses as well as a holistic approach to developing student skills. There are reasons to keep it firmly.


Vishwas Deshpande, Managing Trustee, Vidyalankar Institute of Technology, explains some aspects defining excellence in education and why Mumbai is defined as a city and its institutions.

“Mumbai as a metropolitan city has always been a model for India to emulate with a Best in Class” institutes and top academic brands. The 160 year old University of Mumbai is also considered to be good in this matter. Students of Mumbai have many opportunities to encourage themselves and excel in education. Mumbai’s unique position as a commercial hub and industry nerve center, paves the way for internship opportunities for students across the board. These aspects distinguish Mumbai as a center of education. “

To emphasize that there is a big difference between being ‘qualified’ and being educated, ‘he explains that being’ qualified ‘means getting a certificate per degree,’ being educated ‘means the essence of learning. Capture. “As Socrates, the ancient Greek sage pointed out, is the test of knowledge to apply it. ‘For Vidyalankara, imitating excellence in education is a passion. It is not only taking lectures and following courses We do everything possible to ensure that our teachers adopt best practices in the world and our students, measure to international standards. Since Vidyalankar has collaborated with universities in both the US and the UK, our staff Has got opportunities and opportunities with top faculty. For us in Vidyalankar, excellence in education is about competing with ourselves and raising the bar perennially. “


From April 2018, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Mumbai, Prof. Suhas Pednekar calls it ‘unique’ and ‘one of its kind’. It is perhaps the largest geographical area under the jurisdiction of Thane district to Sindhudurg district, which has a high prevalence. 600 km from One of India’s oldest and premier universities has 56 departments, 12 specialized centers, 781 affiliated colleges, 2 main campuses, 2 sub-campuses, 2 model colleges and the ‘School of Engineering and Applied Sciences’ as a university . Engineering College.

The University of Mumbai is setting up an advisory council under the chairmanship of industrialist Ratan Tata, former chairman of India’s largest IT company TCS, indicating the importance associated with business courses such as engineering. Also, students who have been pursuing Bachelor of Engineering (BE) course from any branch in a college affiliated to University of Mumbai, now have options for modules in emerging fields like AI, IoT, Blockchain, Robotics, Quantum Computing, Data Sciences, Cyber ​​Security Can choose 3D Printing & Design, AR / VR.

They benefit from a combination of 16 decades of extensive experience and a dynamic, modern approach towards imparting education, BE degree holders from the University of Mumbai can easily opt for higher studies abroad due to the respect and acceptance received worldwide Huh.

These qualities make Mumbai’s institutes the preferred option for students aspiring to become engineers because it gives their careers a much needed start. What more could one ask for?

Disclaimer: This article has been produced by the MediaWire team on behalf of VES.


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