‘Muscular’ Chinese policy to influence India, its relations with other nations: US diplomat | India news

‘Muscular’ Chinese policy to influence India, its relations with other nations: US diplomat | India news

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Washington: China’s new “muscle” policy will have an impact on India and its relations with other nations, a senior US diplomat has said, underlining that the world is finally recognizing that Beijing is “a problematic” form of governance. Pushing “.
The US is currently involved in tense demonstrations with China over the trade issue, the origins of the novel coronovirus epidemic, Beijing’s new security action in Hong Kong and the Communist giant’s aggressive military moves in the disputed South China Sea.
The action China is taking “is going to have an impact, not just across the Straits”, Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs David Stillwell told reporters at a press conference on Wednesday.
“It is going to have an impact in South-East Asia, it is going to have an impact on neighboring India and others. This new muscle and aggressive attitude will make the job of the Defense Minister very difficult,” he said.
Stivewell was responding to a question over the weekend by a statement by Chinese Defense Minister General Wei Fang that the Sino-American strategic confrontation has entered a “high-risk period” and that “we should strengthen our fighting spirit.” .. and use “fighting to promote stability”.
Fang’s remarks came amid growing tensions between China and the US and soured relations between Beijing and Taipei.
China sees Taiwan as a rebel province that must be reunited with the mainland, even by force. China claims almost all of the South China Sea, although Taiwan, the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia and Vietnam claim parts of it.
Stillwell said the world is finally recognizing that China is “pushing” a form of government that “many are now only recognizing as a problem”.
“This most recent step of the National People’s Congress in walking away from its obligations in relation to Hong Kong demonstrates only that much more clearly,” he said.
China on Friday introduced a controversial national security law draft in Hong Kong in its parliament to tighten Beijing’s control over the former British colony, which could be the biggest blow to the region’s autonomy and personal freedom since 1997 When it is under sugar. Rule.
The economic superpower is a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of Hong Kong, China. It has seen a “one country, two systems” policy since Britain returned sovereignty to China on July 1, 1997, which allowed it some degree of independent independence, while the rest of China did not.
“The way they have done that they are the Chinese Communist Party, but they know what the word Communist is – the stuff it brings, and so you hear them talk a lot about socialism with Chinese characteristics. It’s just Sounds good. But we Stillwell said, “There is a need to get good language and face what we are against.”
He said, “This is a totalitarian system. It prefers to negotiate with others in a position of exercising power, making the right stances both domestically with its own people and internationally, as I have previously Mentioned, among the economic levers and other things, ”he said.
The diplomat said that recent events have shown that Beijing wants more global prominence and wants them to use them with new funds and financial support.
“However, in the process, they have gained additional scrutiny,” he said.
In October 2017, the 19th Party Congress Working Report stated that China would move closer to the center of the global stage. This process has moved their authoritarian system closer to the limelight, where many have now come to see what Xi Jinping, Boli, the idea of ​​governance looks like, and increasingly people don’t really like what they do Looking, Stillwell said.
“So we are all confronted with an authoritarian government that we thought was re-accused for history,” he said.


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