Naresh Makani lodges a complaint with BCCI Lokpal against Jai Shah for cricket news

Naresh Makani lodges a complaint with BCCI Lokpal against Jai Shah for cricket news

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Naresh Makani (TOI photo)

Mumbai: Naresh Makani, Who claims to be a member of life Jharkhand State Cricket Association (JSCA) and a treasurer of Cricket Association of Jharkhand has filed a complaint against the BCCI Secretary Jai Shah Lodha accompanied BCCI Acharya DK Jain against the continuation of his tenure beyond the permissibility of reforms.
Makani has already filed a petition in the Supreme Court against the extension of tenure to the BCCI President. Sourav Ganguly And Secretary Jai Shah. The case is scheduled to come up for hearing in the Supreme Court on 17 August.
Makani started the complaint by stating: “Dear Sir, this is to inform you that the undersigned has already raised / filed objections against the dilution of the BCCI constitution as demanded by the current administration. Especially Jai Is addressing this present representation, to raise objections against any such extension of term being given in favor of Shah. ”
Stating that Shah has exceeded his sanctioned tenure as per the Lodha reforms, Makani states: “It is to inform that Shri J. Amit Shah An officer of the Gujarat Cricket Association (GCA) for more than five years, the post, he was elected as the secretary of the BCCI, clearly stating that he completed a six-year term as the office Is a carrier in a state cricket association with the central body ie BCCI. It is pertinent to mention here that the formation of BCCI has been mandated by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India after the expiry of 6 years, a period of cooling which has already shifted to both cases related to Ganguly. In light, Shah is clearly barred from extending his tenure as an official in the BCCI and / or any state cricket association. The above issue also exists for the extension of tenure sought by Ganguly, and the objections already outlined emphasize the entire amount of facts and circumstances. ”
Makani has said that Shah and Ganguly Lodha continue to attend BCCI meetings despite being ineligible on the tenure clause as per reforms. “It is pertinent to mention here that after the expiry of the tenure of both Shah and Ganguly and with no extension in their favor, both have been attending meetings and running agendas and passing resolutions etc., Including resolutions / decisions related to operations Indian Premier League In Dubai for the year 2020, the United Arab Emirates which are bad at law and liable to be set aside at the very beginning, ”said Makani.
Requesting to act according to the Lokpal, Makani concludes by saying: “The undersigned politely requests you to please keep this in mind and take appropriate steps accordingly. The entire issue has been sought to merit, which the SC The objection has been raised by the first undersigned. And this whole issue is also being objected once again as it is against the letter and sentiment of amendment in the constitution of BCCI, which has been deliberated by legal publishers including justification of SC And after the discussion is done. This is for your information and record. ”


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