NASA has given you 26 lakhs to design a space toilet for the moon

NASA has given you 26 lakhs to design a space toilet for the moon

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Washington: The US space agency has presented a challenge to win over 26 lakh rupees, asking the global community to send novel design concepts for compact toilets that work in both micro gravity and lunar gravity Can.
NASA is preparing for a return from the moon and has a myriad of activities to equip, shelter, and otherwise support future astronauts.
Astronauts will eat and drink, and later urinate and defecate in microorganisms and lunar gravity.
NASA said that when astronauts are in cabins and out of their spacecraft, they will need a toilet that has all the capabilities like those on Earth.
Public designs for space toilets can be adapted for use in Artemis lunar landers that transport humans back to the moon.
“Although space toilets already exist and are in use by the International Space Station (for example), they are designed only for microgravity,” the US Space Agency said in a statement.
NASA’s Human Landing System program is looking for a next-generation device that is smaller, more efficient and capable of operating in both microgravity and lunar gravity.
NASA’s new challenge includes a technical category and a junior category, and the deadline for sending the design is August 17.
NASA’s Artemis Moon mission will land the first woman and the next man on the lunar surface by 2024.
The Artemis program is part of America’s broader moon to Mars approach to exploration, in which astronauts will explore the moon and experience the experience gained there to enable humanity to the next giant leap that will send humans to Mars.


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