NASA partner SETI Institute on planetary security

NASA partner SETI Institute on planetary security

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Washington: NASA has awarded the SETI Institute to a $ 4.7 million contract in Mountain View, California to support current and future planetary safety missions to ensure compliance with planetary safety standards.
The five-year contract began July 1, NASA said on Friday. Some of NASA’s upcoming science missions that will be supported by this contract include the Mars 2020 and Europa Clipper missions and also preparations for NASA’s Mars sample return mission.
In addition, future manned spacecraft exploration under NASA’s Artemis program, such as Gateway lunar orbital outposts, human lander systems and commercial lunar payload services initiatives, will be supported under this contract.
The SETI Institute will work with NASA’s Office of Safety Protection (OPP) to provide technical reviews and recommendations and to validate biological cleanup on flight projects.
It will also provide training for NASA and its partners, as well as develop guidelines for the implementation of NASA requirements, and disseminate information to stakeholders and the public.
“The depth of mission experience and breadth of knowledge on the SETI Institute team will help NASA meet the technical challenges of assuring the safety of forward and backward planets on the anticipated path of human exploration from the Moon to Mars,” NASA’s planets Security said Lisa Pratt. Officer at NASA Headquarters in Washington.
The role of NASA’s planetary protection office is to promote responsible exploration of the solar system by protecting both Earth and mission sites from biological pollution.
Planetary protection preserves the environment, as well as science, which ensures verifiable scientific exploration for extraterrestrial life.


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