Neeraj Chopra’s spear gold medal seals India’s biggest Olympics ever. India

India is overjoyed after Neeraj Chopra won the country’s first Olympic athletics gold medal in the men’s spear in Tokyo.

Chopra’s historic victory on Saturday night means that India has won the best medal ever in its Olympics and has stopped the restoration of national pride amidst the corona virus epidemic that has affected more than 427,000 Indians. Has been killed.

India was already performing well after decades of dilapidation by men’s and women’s hockey teams.

But Chopra’s victory with a throw of 87.58 meters in his spear was unmatched by any of his 1.38 billion compatriots.

“It feels incredible,” he said. This is our first Olympic medal in a long time, and this is the first time we have won gold in athletics, so it is a proud moment for me and my country.

For a long time to come, millions of Indians will remember the days when Chopra won. There is hardly a home where families do not gather to watch the moment when a nation adorned with all kinds of gold – jewelry, bars, coins – is finally happy to win a gold medal.

“I went out to eat later and the restaurant owner gave everyone a free drink to celebrate the victory. He said he had given up hope of hearing the Indian national anthem at the games.

An enthusiastic congratulatory tweet from Prime Minister Narendra Modi set the tone. After talking to the new golden boy of Indian sports, Modi tweeted that Chopra “shows the best sportsmanship and the spirit of the players”.

Scenes of joy erupted in the hometown of a military officer in Khandara, Haryana. Mandatory firecrackers exploded and farmers and their sons saw loud drumming in the streets of a man who had been bullied so badly by his obesity as a teenager (he weighed 80kg at the age of 13). That he had to go to the gym, to raise the head of the country with pride

I kept praying. That was the only way I could calm myself down, “his mother, Saroj, told reporters after the attack on Media Village. Unable to handle all the calls, he simply said: “I can’t find the words to describe this happiness.”

Athletics, Gold, India. Those three words were never used together, ”said one newspaper. Other writers have spoken poetically about how Chopra’s spear “rose from the flames of the Olympic Stadium through a hot and humid night, and plunged itself into the pages of history.”

We are so accustomed to being ‘close’, ‘just missing it’ or ‘remembering it in a whisper’ that I thought it was not going to happen in my life. Chopra has redeemed all our past memories.

India’s only previous athletics medals came in 1900 – two silver medals were won by Norman Pritchard, son of a British colonial family, in the 200m and 200m hurdles. And despite the hockey team’s record number of gold medals, the country’s only former individual gold shooter, Abhinav Bandra, won in 2012.

Cricket is the most used sport in India, and all its power brokers were watching Chopra’s victory. The Board of Control for Cricket in India has announced cash prizes for Olympic medalists. Military leaders also spoke out.

Chopra, a junior officer in the Indian Army with the Rajputana Rifles, made his debut in international athletics in 2016 with the world junior title. Two years later, he became the first Indian athlete to win a spear at the Asian Games and the Commonwealth Games.

Preparations were underway on Sunday to welcome Chopra to his home. The road to the village will have to be widened to accommodate all media vehicles and VIPs.

Congratulations were also extended to wrestler Bajrang Punia, who won a bronze medal in the men’s freestyle 65kg final on Saturday.

This is the bronze medal for the men’s hockey team after which they defeated Germany in the third place play-off on Thursday. It was India’s first hockey medal since 1980 and was completed by the women’s team, which competed in a bronze medal match against Great Britain.


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