NEPRA will submit requests for tariff hike on April 28

NEPRA will submit requests for tariff hike on April 28

The Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) has requested the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) to increase electricity tariffs, 24 News HD TV channel reported on Friday.

The procurement agency has asked the regulatory authority to increase the hike by 80 paise under the adjustment head in June. Extended NEPRA will hold a hearing on July 28.

According to the CPPA, 29.40% of electricity was generated in June from water, 18.03% from coal, 18.81pc from LNG, 8.18pc from furnace oil and 0.43% from diesel.

K Electric demanded an increase in tariff of Rs 6.52 per unit. A request for an increase in electricity rates will also be taken on July 28.

According to reports, Discus had two days ago requested NEPRA to increase electricity tariffs by Rs 28.83 per unit when the three companies had sought revenue of Rs 1,032 billion from the regulatory body.

The proposed increase for 100 units, Rs. 26, is Rs. 21.9 per unit. 37 per unit for 200 unit users, Rs. 27.9 per unit for 300 unit users and Rs. 28.63 per unit for 700 unit customers.

The companies want an increase of Rs 30.27 per unit for commercial consumers, Rs 30.28 per unit for industry and Rs 30.57 per unit for agriculture. NEPRA will hold its hearing on August 3 and 4.

Earlier, the power regulator had approved an increase of Rs 2.97 per unit for power consumers from October 1, which includes an additional surcharge of Rs 1 per tariff along with the schedule of tariff (SOT). .25 per unit for all customers except residential customers, and Rs. 1.72 per unit quarterly adjustment for all customers.


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