‘Never seen such incompetent, lazy opposition’

‘Never seen such incompetent, lazy opposition’

ISLAMABAD: Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed on Sunday said he had never seen such “incompetent” and “slow” opposition to the government.

Rashid was talking to media after inaugurating the coronavirus vaccination facility at CDA Medical Center, Gazfi Chowk, GD9 Markaz in Islamabad.

The Home Minister said that the Prime Minister regretted that PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif had managed to escape the clutches of the law by leaving Pakistan in the UK.

He said that Nawaz betrayed the government and went abroad using “fake medical reports” and the Prime Minister was deeply saddened but the government prevented PML-N President Shahbaz Sharif from going abroad. And put his name on the Exit Control List (ECL). .

He said that a person whose name was included in the ECL could challenge the decision in 15 days but Shahbaz Sharif did not challenge the decision of the Interior Ministry.

Pakistan is being vaccinated against polio

The Home Minister thanked the World Health Organization (WHO) for providing its full support to Pakistan in the fight against the corona virus.

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s timely decisions helped Islamabad control the corona virus, he said, adding that the vaccination process in Pakistan was better than in other countries in the region as many people are now aware of the need for vaccination centers. Are visiting

Congratulating the NCOC team for ensuring easy delivery of vaccines, the Minister said that the NCOC ensured the supply of vaccines as compared to India where notices were issued stating that seven in several cities. No vaccine is available for the day.

“On the other hand, vaccines are widely available in Pakistan and the synoform vaccine is one of the best vaccines available in the world,” he said.

He said that he saluted the Chinese government for cooperating with Pakistan in combating the epidemic.

Discussing the recognition of synoform vaccine by Saudi Arabia and Europe, the Minister said that the Prime Minister had said in a recent meeting of the Federal Cabinet that he would personally talk to the leaders of the countries concerned to adjust it. ۔

The latest budget support

Rashid said the government was going to announce the federal budget this month and he hoped that the salaries and pensions of employees would be significantly increased.

He said that Jahangir Tareen Group would support the government in the budget meeting.

Islamabad’s crimes must be controlled

The Minister said that street crime in Islamabad would soon be stopped with a new Eagle Squad.

He said that 150 mobile eagle squads would be attached with the Safe City project to make Islamabad a safe zone.

Rashid said that at present Eagle Squad has only four mobile vans but 16 more vans will be added in the next budget.

He added that the police were being strengthened to improve their capacity and operations.


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