New education policy will encourage STEM in India

New education policy will encourage STEM in India

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New Delhi: The National Education Policy 2020 identifies the need for flexibility in choosing the subjects that students want to study, the implementation of this policy will promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education in India. , Said EdTech startup SP Robotic Works.

The new education policy also assumed that in today’s fast-changing world, all students must learn skills such as coding and scientific temperament and evidence-based thinking to be good, successful, innovative, adaptable and productive.

According to Sneha Priya, CEO and co-founder, SP Robotic Works, with semester based pattern, there is a lot of leeway with regard to the choice of the child to select their interest in subjects.

Priya told IANS in an interview, “It will encourage children to explore different areas, which otherwise I think was restricted to an extent.”

On 29 July, the Union Cabinet gave its approval to a new National Education Policy (NEP), which aims to bring several changes in the education system from school to college level.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said that NEP is the foundation of a “new India” and it will help close the gap between education and research.

It is now well recognized that online platforms have played an important role in opening the doors to the myriad opportunities offered by STEM education.

Coding-related courses have picked up well and online platforms have seen a lot of children being admitted to block programming, artificial intelligence (AI) and Android system development.

“The field of STEM education has gained immense popularity in India, this online learning platform has seen an 80 percent increase in the number of programs renewed, indicating an increase in interest and a positive sign for the future of STEM education. Is “she said.

Priya said that the proposal to introduce coding from Class 6 and onwards is one of the best decisions of the policy.

“With coding given importance in the NEP, schools will be more open to adopting new methods to ensure their children what they are learning that will automatically produce better results,” he said.

“A focus on these skills is important for children’s development during the early years. Therefore, this new policy will prove beneficial for growing children to gather their interest in coding at an early stage,” she said.

According to Priya, it is important to properly distribute coding concepts in order to encourage and encourage the child to draw his attention towards the subject.

He also stressed that both robotics and coding courses have seen a steep decline this year.

In addition to what is being taught in school, the online learning platform has seen many questions from parents regarding the shaping of their child’s coding skills.

“Especially with the current situation, the Kovid-i9 lockdown has given students more time to explore their interest in the field and we have seen demand from children doubling in the last few months,” pinched Priya Lee.

Even during the lockdown, SP Robotics Works said they saw a 55 percent increase in revenue.

“Furthermore, we have seen around 1 lakh new enrollments during the last four months which shows that Indian children are showing interest in their segment,” said the CEO.

Priya said, “For the next six months, our focus is to be able to learn to educate and experience more and more students, as we are working towards building a nation.”


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