New Jersey as US outbreak inevitably externalizes face masks

New Jersey as US outbreak inevitably externalizes face masks

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New York: New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said Wednesday that he would sign an executive order requiring people to wear coverings from outside to prevent the revival of the novel Coronovirus, whenever social disturbances are not possible.
According to a Reuters tally, more than 15,000 people have died in New Jersey since Kovid-19, second only to the neighboring state of New York.
Murphy, a Democrat, told MSNBC that requiring the public to control the spread of the virus in the state was important to control the spread of the virus in the state, an early hot spot where virus rates began to rise again is.
“There is no question that face covering is a game-changer,” he said, acknowledging that the order would be difficult to enforce, but adding that the state needed to build on the progress made in the fight against the virus .
“We have gone through hell in New Jersey. We have lost more than 13,000 people, we have brought our numbers down. We cannot go through that hell again.”
The order, when formally announced later in the day, would be one of the most stringent coronavirus virus restrictions on public activity in the United States. Many states require the use of masks in public indoor areas and recommend using them outdoors.
Murphy infection is in action as a skyrocket in several other states, including California, Florida and Texas, and health officials have warned of an impending spike in people who died of the virus, which has killed more than 131,000 Americans.
The US outbreak surpassed a serious milestone of more than 3 million confirmed cases on Tuesday, equivalent to about 1% of the population as more states reported record numbers of new infections.
In New Jersey, some people were surprised that face covering was not already mandatory.
“I felt that this was already the rule – the illusion that it’s not clear and I try a lot to keep it up,” said Kaliya Nochamson, a 42-year-old high school teacher from Maplewood, New Jersey. She said that she had been disappointed to see so few people covering her face during a recent beach trip.
Ohio is ordering people in seven counties to wear face-covering at public ceremonies starting Wednesday evening.
To go to school for trophy titles
President Donald Trump, who owns a golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, has spared the idea of ​​wearing a face mask and for Americans to return to their daily routines since the end of mandatory lockdowns imposed in March and April has prompted.
The Republican president, seeking a second White House term in the November 3 election, on Wednesday threatened to cut federal funds for schools that failed to open in the autumn due to an outbreak of the Corono virus.
“Seems it would be politically bad for them if American schools open before the November election, but important for children and families. If not open they can cut funding!” Trump posted on Twitter.
It was unclear what specific assistance Trump had in mind. States are responsible for primary and secondary education under the US Constitution but the federal government provides some supplementary assistance.
New case surge
Nineteen states reported a record increase in cases this month and about 24 states reported high infection rates as a percentage of clinical trials in the past week.
In Texas alone, the number of hospitalized patients has doubled in just two weeks, and the number of hospital intensive care unit beds available to adults in Florida has fallen sharply in recent times.
Additional hospitalization may result in poor health services in many areas, leading to loss of lives. According to the Reuters tally, the largest one-day increase in the US since June 10 increased to 962 on Tuesday.
The increase has forced officials to reopen businesses, such as the reopening of restaurants and bars, following a mandatory lockdown in March and April that reduced economic activity in a virtual deadlock and left millions of Americans Worked out.


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