New Zealand questions New Zealand suspension of travel to India

Community leaders have questioned the New Zealand government’s decision to temporarily close the border for people traveling from India, saying the move could lead to racism and stigma.

“Why India?” The question was asked by Sunil Koshal, President of the Waiting Indian Association. He asked why this decision only applies to India, when other countries, including the United States, Brazil, France and the United Kingdom, have also seen an increase in infection rates, especially when compared to everyone else. ۔

“When Indians are brought together in this way, we do not feel part of the ‘5 million team’,” he said.

The Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, announced on Thursday that New Zealand would temporarily suspend entry for all travelers from India, including its citizens, from April 11, following a high number of positive covidant events in Quad 19 from the country. Will be recorded after being recorded. Border.

On Thursday, New Zealand also announced that another Border Worker had been infected with Covid-19. So far there was no indication that the infection was related to any Indian case. While the majority of New Zealand frontline border workers have received at least one dose of the vaccine, this worker did not have it.

Code – 19 Response Minister Chris Hopkins AM told the show That 100 percent of the Defense Force’s border guards were vaccinated against polio, and that the number of police and aviation security personnel was close to 95 percent. But he said staff contracting for organized solitude facilities – such as Thursday’s workers, who were a security guard – were taking more time. “It’s a process that takes a little bit of time,” he said.

As of Thursday, New Zealand has recorded 23 new positive corona virus cases at its border crossings, 17 of which are from India. India is battling a massive wave of coronavirus infections, even though it has a large number of vaccines. This week it reported 115,000 fresh infections in 24 hours, the highest in a single day anywhere in the world.

More than 60 passengers from India have had a positive experience in the last two weeks coming to the country, Ordner said on Friday. If people from any country were coming with a quaid that would cause us to stop this break and find a mitigation to reduce that risk, so it’s not about the country, it’s about the issue that We are watching from this region. ,” she said.

This is the first time that New Zealand has closed the border to citizens returning from any nation during the epidemic.

“To be honest, it’s very sad,” said Mandeep Bella of the Indian Workers’ Association. “Since Cowade started, we have been told that New Zealand cannot close its borders to its citizens, no matter where they are. There are many issues. They cannot stop them from returning to the country.” He said the move meant that New Zealanders had become “stateless” in India.

Bella also raised concerns that being out of India could lead to a racist reaction or defamation of New Zealanders of Indian descent. “A lot of people are afraid they will be targeted,” Bella said.

Expressing concern, Koshal said he had already witnessed racist remarks. “It’s already started – watch social media series, listen to talkback radio,” he said. “We are Kiwis. Will we always behave like second class citizens?

Koshal also mentioned the high human cost to hundreds of New Zealand Indians who may be trapped in India. “People are not going to India on holidays yet,” he said. “I lost my father on the first day of the lockdown last year. I could not return to his one-year anniversary. He said another friend had gone to India to perform the last rites for his mother – it was not clear when she would return.

“I don’t think anyone would agree that we need to protect our borders and that we are one of the lucky countries in the world,” he said. Attention should be paid to strengthening isolation and quarantine. [MIQ] Improving the system, or pre-departure measures.

Green Party MP Golrez Ghahraman tweeted that she, as a spokeswoman for the ethnic community, was annulling the decision.

“Oddly enough, we did not go to the US or the UK with any restrictions as an option to enter, due to the increase in their prices on the quaid. Our ethnic communities in South Asia are about race. We need to know that there is no element in our cowardly risk management.

“I’m really … anxious about this travel ban,” Dr. Jan Russell, a PhD candidate in epidemiology, wrote on Twitter. “These are New Zealanders, trying to get home. They deserve access to healthcare here, too, and they are at greater risk of contracting with Quaid. If our MIQ and airport Procedures and vaccination rates are starting to erode so can we contain that?

Others questioned the legality of the suspension, saying New Zealand’s rights bill guaranteed freedom of movement, including the right of citizens to enter the country.

“New Zealanders have the right to return to New Zealand.” The NZ Council for Civil Liberties said. “While we acknowledge that practical handling of infectious diseases can justify a limitation of this right, we also question whether the government has done enough to avoid taking this step.”

He also questioned singleness outside India. “We believe that we are not the only ones who rely on measures that apply in different places and depend on where people are coming from.”

Andrew Gaddy, a law expert In Spinoff’s analysisWhile these measures restrict New Zealand’s rights, ministers have banned them from doing so – but “only if there is a ‘clear justification’ limit to people’s rights,” he said.

“The fact that the government is now prepared to face the potential emotional backlash involved in removing citizens from the country’s borders shows me that things are really taking a very serious turn, and therefore entry It is permissible to remove the right temporarily. ” Said


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