Nigeria says rebels investigating war crimes fight against insurgents – world news

Nigeria says rebels investigating war crimes fight against insurgents – world news

Nigeria’s government condemned the International Criminal Court for recommending a full investigation into potential war crimes by the nation’s security forces.

ICC prosecutor Fatou Bansouda said a preliminary investigation last month has concluded that Boko Haram is “a reasonable basis for believing” for members of the terrorist group and that security forces in the West African country have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity Have done. The judges at the Hague-based tribunal must accept his request to proceed.

The ICC is acting as “another ‘fighting force’ against Nigeria, constantly harassing our security forces and threatening them with investigations and possible prosecution,” email Minister of Information Lai Mohammed on 4 January “Bensouda’s actions are an unbridled attempt to lower morale,” he said in a statement. As our security men and women, they face attacks from bandits and terrorists, ”he said.

Boko Haram insurgents have launched a violent campaign in northeast Nigeria since 2009 to enforce the group’s version of Islamic law on Africa’s largest oil producer, killing thousands and displacing millions. The ICC opened its initial investigation a decade ago.

The investigation found that, while the Islamic group and its splatter organizations are responsible for the “vast majority of criminality”, the allegations against Nigerian security forces “are also serious enough to warrant investigation,” Bensouda’s office dated 11 December According to the statement.

“Nigeria did not join the ICC, so it could become a pawn on court chess,” Mohammed said. “To see beggars believes that a nation fighting an existentialist war against bandits and terrorists is constantly being organized by an international body in which it voluntarily joined.”


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