Nitin Gadkari calls for global investment in highways, MSME sectors

Nitin Gadkari calls for global investment in highways, MSME sectors

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Union Minister Nitin Gadkari (File Photo)

new Delhi: Union Minister Nitin Gadkari There was a call for increased investment by Indian international institutions and bodies on Wednesday. Highways And MSME Sector, MSME Ministry said.
Road safety measures highlighted Taken by the country, the minister also said that it aims to achieve zero road mortality by 2030.
The Minister of Road Transport, Highways and MSMEs said that automobiles and micro, small and medium enterprises are the two growth engines of the country’s economy, according to a release MSME Ministry.
Addressing the Indo-Australian Chamber of Commerce and Women Innovator on Business Investment and Cooperation in Roadways and MSMEs, the Minister said that India and Australia are already cooperating in the road safety sector.
He said that this collaboration has provided better design for roads and opportunities for public awareness.
The Minister said that 21,000 km of roads have been assessed under the Indian Road Safety Assessment Program and about 3,000 km of road length is under technical upgradation.
He said that improved road engineering and increased public awareness have led to improvement.
“It is estimated, he said, that these upgrading programs will reduce road accidents by almost 50 percent. Gadkari said that our objective is to achieve zero road mortality by 2030.”
Gadkari said that his ministry has taken a lot of initiatives to reduce road accidents. The World Bank and ADB have paid Rs 7,000 crore for this campaign.
He said, through social awareness and education, improving emergency services, pressure for medical insurance, providing more hospitals, etc. countries are getting closer to achieving their road safety goals.
The minister referred to the MV Act of 2019, which is a comprehensive law on all aspects of the transport sector in India.
The minister said that the government is focusing on village, agriculture and tribal areas to provide employment opportunities there. He emphasized that it is the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector that will propel the Indian economy in the coming years.
He said investment has been opened up in the infra and insurance sectors, as there are huge opportunities in insurance, pension and share economies.


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