‘No internal riots, Nawaz Sharif is the only leader in PML-N’

‘No internal riots, Nawaz Sharif is the only leader in PML-N’

This week 24 News HD had the opportunity to talk to Ahsan Iqbal, General Secretary of PML-N on telecommunication, where he talked about his childhood, personal life, educational background and PML-N. The internal conflict has shifted to the future. Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) and other light topics.

24 News HD: How was your childhood and what is your educational background?

Ahsan Iqbal: I was a very good boy. As you all know, my mother was a religious scholar so I was raised that way. Due to the transfer and posting of my father, who was a government employee, my academic career has spread all over Pakistan from Convent of Jesus and Mary Karachi to St. Anthony’s Lahore and Cadet College Sargodha. My schooling is mainly from Karachi and Sargodha. Whereas, I did my engineering from Pakistan’s most prestigious engineering university, UET Lahore. My session in 1976 was mechanical engineering. After engineering, I went to the United States for higher education and did an MBA from Wharton.

24 News HD: Can you work again? Which institution would you like to re-enter?

AI: Wharton. That’s not to say I don’t rate UETs from anyone, but Warkton’s emphasis on ethics and learning that I experienced at Wharton was extraordinary.

24NewsHD: You were in the right wing student organization during your student life and now you are the general secretary of a party that claims to be a progressive party, how would you explain this change?

AI: During my studies, I was inclined towards right-wing politics, so I joined a student organization that I think was a better choice than the alternatives available at the time. However, I continued to learn and evolve and I am here before you today. I must say that the process of learning must continue, there must be no path to ideological evolution, only then can societies develop.

24 News HD: You have a very busy schedule. How do you manage time for your family?

AI: Unfortunately, I don’t have much time for my family and I think the family is neglected but at the same time, my family is very supportive and they understand my responsibilities to the people and the party. Are and support me. What I have achieved in life would not have been possible without the support of my family.

24 News HD: “Sir, are you afraid of your sister-in-law?”

Ai: (Laughter) Every Orientalist reads like his wife. Yahya hopes for success in home life.

24NewsHD: You fought your first election as an independent, is that true?

AI: Yeah, and that’s actually a very interesting story. When I returned from the United States, I applied for a ticket for the PML-N during the 1988 elections, but due to internal issues with the promise of a ticket for the next election, the ticket went to a local senior politician. Was given In 1990, I applied for a ticket again and the same internal issues were raised again. Mian SB (Mian Nawaz Sharif) told me to wait for the ticket for the next election, but I asked him to let me contest the election freely otherwise the political support I had gathered in the constituency would be wasted. Will be Mian SB has always been kind, let me. I contested, but lost against the PML-N candidate, proving Mian SB’s decision not to give me a ticket. Finally, I was given a party ticket in 1993 and I won. I won again in 1997 but lost in 2002 and then since 2008, my constituency has honored me by electing me three times in a row.

24 News HD: You were the victim of a deadly firing attempt before the 2018 elections? How do you remember this incident and how did it affect you?

AI: Well, when I received the pill, I had just received a call on my cell phone, the pill hit my elbow and slipped into my stomach and it’s still inside. If it were not for this call to prayer and my hand was not covering my chest, the bullet would have hit me in the chest. Allah, glory unto Him, has His own ways to save his life. When I was taken to the hospital, all I could think about was whether I would make it or not. It is very difficult to describe the emotions of this stage. As I was recovering, I realized that we had become a society where diversity of ideas was not accepted. This is a very dangerous sign for any society. Then I decided to set up the International Islamic Institute for Peace. This institute has become my purpose in life. We were running a funding campaign and donors were on board, but then it became an epidemic and it was stopped temporarily. It will also work for interfaith harmony and bring together scholars from around the world.

24NewsHD: What are your thoughts on media in Pakistan?

AI: Media is the fourth pillar of the state in democratic systems and it has to play its role in strengthening democracy and with the advent of digital “new media” it is not possible to eliminate and hide certain ideologies / parties from traditional media. Is. Facts from the public.

24 News HD: There are rumors in the media about two factions or two groups in PML-N, one is Nawaz’s group headed by Maryam Nawaz and the other is Shahbaz Sharif’s group and they are not on the same page, as What do PML-N general secretaries say about it?

Ai: Absolutely wrong. PML-N has only one leader, Nawaz Sharif. In democratic parties, people have different opinions and these differences are a catalyst for the growth, development and development of the party. In the end, after mutual consultation, whatever is finalized by the leader comes later. We are all Nawaz Sharif workers and no one has any doubt about it.

24 News HD: What do you think is the future of PDM?

AI: PDM is an alliance of different political parties united for the cause of democracy. This is not an electoral alliance. Maybe we are all competing against each other in the general election based on our own position and manifesto. But, at the moment, all parties are focused on restoring true democracy, free from the clutches of anti-democratic civil martial law administrator Mr Imran Khan. Following the by-election results, this government has lost its moral ground and must resign and hold general elections to form a government that truly represents the people.

24News HD: On a light note, we heard you’re a big fan of the movie “Gladiator” and you’ve seen it seven times, is that true?

AI: Yes, I really like the message in the movie and I plan to see it again soon.

24News HD: We also heard about your midnight breakfast?

AI: Yes, chocolate and nuts are my midnight snacks and I absolutely love them.

24 News HD: Thank you so much for your time, any message / advice for our readers especially the youth?

AI: Work hard, believe in yourself, be honest on the cause and stay on the straight path. Success will come your way and it was amazing to have your team here for the interview.


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