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Not perverse: Adani renamed Australian group Bravos ‘Brave’ Business

The mining company Adani mistakenly thought it meant “brave” and changed its name to a Latin word meaning “crooked”, “ugly”, “mercenary or killer”. “

The controversial mining group responsible for the Carmichael coal mine in central Queensland announced on Thursday that it would rename its Australian operation “Browse”, meaning Chief Executive David Bouchev. What happened to the medieval Latin word for “brave”? .

Bushf Told the Australian Financial Review It was a good fit because the company “dared to get where we are and we will stand up for what we trust”.

However, several Latin scholars have pointed out that “brave” does not mean “brave” and is often translated as “bully” or “mercenary”.

Dr Christopher Bishop of the Center for Classical Studies at the Australian National University said “brave” did not mean “brave” in any of the classical or medieval Latin languages.

“It’s wrong,” he told the Guardian Australia. For the brave, if you are going to your classic part, it has to be something like ‘castles’. You know, some ‘luck favet fortibus – luck is in favor of the brave’. It’s a school thing – everyone knows it. “

Dr. Junita Feroz Raees of the University of Sydney agreed.

The most common Latin term for the concept of “brave” would be “fortress” (from which we derive “strong”, “destiny”), and the same is true of both classical and medieval Latin, which There are many examples for each of them.

Bishop said it was often difficult to translate medieval Latin, but unfortunately most interpreters of “brave” had a negative connotation for Adani.

“It’s like a Monty Python in Latin,” he told the Guardian Australia. “It’s a classic joke where you tick” or “at the end of anything and call it Latin.

The bishop said that the closest relative of “brevas” was the medieval Latin word “bravo” – a noun meaning “mercenary”, “killer” or “hired sword”.

As far as I know, this [bravus] “It’s a medieval word,” he said.

“You have ‘Bravo’ – meaning a mercenary, a sword for a laborer, a tough man. He may not be the one he wants to partner with. The closest Adani can find means arrogant.” Maybe, but it’s a beautiful courage of the militants.

Tim Parkin, a professor at the University of Melbourne, said he was admitted to a medieval Latin dictionary for “brave”.

“It is used by someone who is pious,” he said. “A bully, or a robber, or a bitch.”

According to An article from Oxford University Press“Brave” can be derived from either the classic Latin word “pravus” – meaning crooked, bad or ugly – or the classic Latin word “barbarians” – meaning savage, exotic or frivolous.

The bishop said: “Although it is not ‘Berbers’, it could be a misinterpretation of ‘pravas’. PS, BS and Fs are always mixed together – it can be literally ‘pravas’, which means “Bad, crooked, degraded.” It could be ‘Berbers’ plus ‘Prous’ – which means an outdated savage. “

Initially named after its founder, Indian billionaire Gautam Adani, the Adani Group launched the Carmichael Coal Mine Project in 2014.

A spokesman for Adani / Bravos said the new name was derived from the words “brave” or “bold.”

“It also includes the suffix ‘we’, highlighting the cohesive nature of us, the company, our employees and our community. It refers to the fact that we are an Australian company with the letter ‘AUS’ in the name.” This shows that we are proud to be an Australian company that is part of the Northern Queensland community.

Speaking to AFR, Bouchev denied that the name was being changed because it was “toxic.” “If [we were] It makes sense to change your name 18 months ago or earlier.

Earlier this year, the company quietly renamed its Abbott Point Coal Terminal North Queensland Export Terminal after renaming it Adani.

In 2015, the operator of Transfield Services, the island of Mainz and Nauru, changed its name to Broad Spectrum. In 2009, the US private military company Blackwater changed its name to Xe after killing civilians in Iraq.

Most recently, tech company Google renamed its parent company Alphabet, Warwick renamed the company after major losses, and Facebook added a “hopeful spirit” in November last year. Re-branded Facebook for

Parkin told the Guardian Australia that Adani “should have consulted with the classics instead of relying on Google Translate”.

“It reminds me of one of my brothers who wants to name his boat, and I came up with some amazing classical names for it. And, finally, I think he’s called ‘Boots’.” Something went wrong.


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