Notice of ‘seriously injured’ after derailing Scottish train

Notice of ‘seriously injured’ after derailing Scottish train

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Emergency services join the scene of the derailed train at Stonehaven, Scotland, on Wednesday August 12, 2020.

STONEHAVEN / UK: A passenger train derailed in northeast Scotland on Wednesday, reporting “serious injuries” First Minister Nicola Sturgeon Described as “an extremely serious incident”.
The crash is around 25 (15 mi) south of downtown Stonehaven Aberdeen, followed severe flooding Overnight in some parts of the area.
Smoke from the scene can be seen in the pictures broadcast on television news channels.
There was no immediate word on the exact number of casualties.
“Currently emergency services are on site and a major incident has been declared,” Sturgeon reported Scottish Parliament.
“I am scared to say that there are early reports of serious injuries,” he said.
Some 30 emergency vehicles were taking part in the derailment scene which occurred at 9:40 am (08:40 GMT).
Union TSSA said the train was a 06:38 (05:38 GMT) service going from Aberdeen to Glasgow.
Sturgeon said the incident occurred in an area where it was difficult to reach emergency services.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “I am saddened to learn of a very serious incident in Aberdeenshire and my thoughts are with all those affected. My thanks to the emergency services at the scene.”
Storms and torrential rains cut parts of central and eastern Scotland overnight, creating dangerous travel conditions.
Photos posted on social media by local authorities showed heavy flooding in the nearby town of Stonehaven early Wednesday.
Network Rail Scotland, a company looking after rail infrastructure, said it was working with emergency services.
“It is too early to confirm the exact nature and severity of the incident and once it is known more details will be made available,” he said.
Shortly after network services were informed of the accident, Network Rail reported that a landslide had occurred close by.
The local arm of Britain’s National Health Service said it was establishing “major event support” in Aberdeen for relatives and friends of anyone involved in the incident.
BBC Reported that he was admitted to the nearest hospital by a helicopter in an accident.
Local MP Andrew Bowie said that a “major emergency service response” was underway and that he had spoken to British Transport Minister Grant Shapps about the incident.
Shapps said on Twitter that he was in contact with Network Rail and other agencies and vowed “the UK government will provide every support”.
Britain’s last major rail track was in Cumbria, northwest England, in 2007, when the main train was Western coast The line left the tracks, killing one passenger and injuring 30 others.


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