Old phone to recycle? In France, just leave it in the mail

Old phone to recycle? In France, just leave it in the mail

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Paris: Finding out what to do with old mobile phones has become easier in France, where people can now send them free in the mail so that they can be recycled or renewed for sale by a charity group.
An estimated 50 to 110 million phones in drawers across the country are bad, as recycling options are not always straightforward and many worry that the personal data they store may still be accessible.
The NGO’s ecosystem behind the project said that people can order a pre-paid envelope from their website jedonnemontelephone.fr (I give my phone) or simply take a print out of the pre-paid address label.
The phones are sent to a processing center where all data is erased for sale at Ammos charity shops, either before the phone is referenced, or in most cases (83 percent) to recycle and remove the most polluting components. Are broken.
The ecosystem said on Monday that it plans to deliver 100 reconditioned phones from the scheme during each of the 35 stages of the Tour de France cycling race starting on August 29.
The project is an extension of the nonprofit’s main electronics recycling programs, which aim to keep appliances and other equipment from incinerators or landfill sites.
In June, it collected 62,000 tons of material as people evacuated their homes after two months of coronavirus lockdown.


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