Oman Exercise: A Manifestation of Regional Integration

Oman Exercise: A Manifestation of Regional Integration

The Pakistan Navy came up with the idea of ​​hosting a series of naval exercises in 2007 to promote regional maritime integration and compatibility. The word aman is derived from the national language of Pakistan, Urdu, which means “peace”. The exercise, hosted by the Pakistan Navy, called on the navies of more than 45 countries to come together under the slogan “Together for Peace” aimed at strengthening multilateral security cooperation and maritime and naval operations. Cross-culture is about enhancing cooperation in interpersonal relationships.

The basic idea of ​​this exercise is to provide a common forum for exchanging information, identifying areas of common interest, and enhancing mutual understanding for group analysis and dialogue. Practice and create response strategies, techniques, and procedures against all conventional and disproportionate threats. Based on this concept, the purpose of this exercise is to develop and improve the Race Lens of Technicians and Procedures (RTTP) for the protection of multiple collective assets including Sea Lines of Communication (SLOC), offshore. Includes infrastructure, and marine resources against unconventional threats. .

The Oman exercise has been hosted by Pakistan for two years since 2007 and the seventh multinational AMAN exercise will take place in 2021. There are several modules and programs to achieve the goal of exercise. With the aim of formulating responses, strategies, techniques and procedures against unconventional and conventional threats through operational and strategic combat planning and exercises at sea, including VBSS, Naval Gunfire, Anti-Piracy, Anti Submarine exercise, communications, operations, combined boarding and air defense. Among its programs at sea, the exercise will include advanced naval exercises and drills, including counter-terrorism ups, maritime security ups, anti-piracy tactics, surface firing exercises, search and rescue exercises and an international flat review. ۔

In addition, it includes the International Maritime Conference, Maritime Terrorism Demo, Professional Affairs and table top discussions on various cultural activities at the port. In addition, the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team, Special Operations Forces and other naval units will demonstrate, learn and coordinate advanced weapons and advanced technical equipment in the exercise.

The idea of ​​’Exercise Peace’ has attracted many maritime nations that believe in the shared use of the world’s oceans for peaceful coexistence and co-operation. Their attention can be gauged from the fact that in 2007 the number of participating countries increased from 28 to more than 45.
The Aman series has had six rehearsals so far and is expected to take place on February 7, 2021. This exercise has not only enhanced the national dignity and honor of Pakistan but also enhanced the professionalism and capabilities of the Pakistan Navy. The participation of so many countries in this exercise means that the international community has endorsed Pakistan’s initiative for regional peace and security. Furthermore, the growing strength of the MAMA participants is a willingness to support regional countries and to cooperate with Pakistan in its efforts to enhance regional alliances for co-ordination and co-operation in the Indian Ocean.


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