Oman to receive first batch of Kovid-19 vaccine on Wednesday – world news

Oman to receive first batch of Kovid-19 vaccine on Wednesday – world news

Oman will receive its first shipment of the Kovid-19 vaccine produced by Pfizer and BioNtech on Wednesday, according to a top government official.

According to Badar bin Saif Al Rawahi, director of the infectious disease control department of the country’s health ministry, “the first batch of the Kovid-19 vaccine will be delivered to the Sultanate on Wednesday.” The department posted this announcement on Twitter on Monday.

For Al Rawahi, Oman’s Ministry of Health has designed a vaccination strategy to cover 60 percent of the population. He also said that the vaccination program would be divided into phases, and the earlier period would start with 20% “due to limited supply in the current period”.

High-risk groups of people, including frontline medical staff, as well as individuals with chronic illnesses and elderly individuals are scheduled to be vaccinated during the first phase.

The vaccine will be administered in two doses, the second one given after a 21-day period.

India, Pakistan, Russia, Jordan and Hong Kong were suspended from traveling to the UK in European countries, and Saudi Arabia, after the United Kingdom warned that a new version of the virus was spreading much faster than previous variants. Kuwait and Oman shut down. Completely borders.

A week-long shutdown of all official ports of entry to Oman began on Tuesday “to protect community members from the severity of the infection and the speed of proliferation”.

The Sultanate’s decision to impose an international travel ban made an announcement late Sunday night by its neighbor Saudi Arabia that it would close its borders for a week or until clear details about a more contagious version of the virus in Britain Comes.

In the past week, Saudi Arabia became the first country to launch a nationwide vaccination campaign with Pfizer / Bioentech shot.

Oman has struggled to prevent a major outbreak infecting more than 1,27,900 people, although cases have declined in recent months.

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