Omar Akmal appealed against the 18-month ban in CAS. Cricket news

Omar Akmal appealed against the 18-month ban in CAS. Cricket news

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Omar Akmal. (AP photo)

Karachi: Pakistan batsman Omar Akmal Filed an appeal on Thursday Court of arbitration for sports (Cas) Imposed a ban in Lausanne for not reporting attitudes reversing its 18-month ban.
Comes after Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Appeal in CAS against the removal of a three-year ban on Akmal by an independent adjudicator.
Omar was banned for three years by a board member disciplinary panel in April after failing to report two approaches to spot-fixing matches in the Pakistan Super League in February.
On July 29, a former Supreme Court judge (Justice) declared Fakir Muhammad Khokhar an independent advocate for the board, which reduced Omar’s three-year ban to 18 months.
Akmal’s lawyer argued that the verdict was overturned due to lack of evidence against the player.
“We have a wide range of complaints on the arbitrator’s decision and we have reached arbitration court to set aside the judgment,” advocate Khwaja Ummiz, representing Akmal, quoted ESPNcricinfo.
“They do not have a single piece of evidence that can prove any wrongdoing. The prosecution was based on a phone call, otherwise there is no document, any bank transaction or anything that can substantiate their claim. ”
Earlier, the PCB’s Chief Operating Officer, Salman Naseer called it a “difficult decision” to challenge the decision of the independent adjudicator.
There were two allegations against Naseer for violating the anti-corruption code, but it was a difficult decision for us to challenge the decision of the independent advocate but after the final report we had some concerns and felt that the punishment was not enough. Cas said after the PCB’s appeal.


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