Once the virus died in the American epicenter, NY, 5

Once the virus died in the American epicenter, NY, 5

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New York: Coronovirus in New York State killed five people on Saturday, the lowest daily death toll in the state recorded on March 15.
The number of deaths due to the virus on Saturday is decreasing in the state as compared to the total of 13 fatal patients on Saturday. During the peak of the epidemic in April, about 800 people died a day from coronaviruses.
“We’re at the exact opposite end,” official Andrew N. Como said in an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press”.
According to the state’s official rally, New York still leads the nation in COVID-19 deaths with about 25,000 people, not including those who die of the disease.
Meanwhile, fewer than 900 patients were hospitalized on Saturday for COVID-19, down from a peak of over 18,000 in April.
The governor cautioned that the number could rise again if New Yorkers let down their guard and failed to comply with social disturbances and mask-wearing requirements.
“I am afraid of the spread coming from other states now because we are one country and people travel,” Cuomo said. “I’m afraid the infection rate in other states will return to New York and raise that rate again.”
Confirmation of daily infections in the US hit a high of 40,000 on Friday, prompting Texas and Florida officials to reverse course and close the bar in their states.
US Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar stressed that “the window is closing” for the US to take action to effectively curb coronovirus.
Catholic mess results
Cardinal Timothy Dolan celebrated the first public Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral since the coronovirus epidemic began on Sunday.
The cathedral was limited to 25% of capacity and socio-discrimination guidelines mentioned by state officials.
Dolan thanked the congregation for its tenacity and joked that more than a dozen collections would be made for the missed Sundays.
“Where have you all been in the last 14 weeks?” Dolan quipped. “Am I ever happy to see you?”
The church continues to livestream the Daily Mass on its website.


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