Online research ‘a myth’, JNU scholars claim

Online research ‘a myth’, JNU scholars claim

NEW DELHI: A survey conducted by JNU students has called the online research “a myth” and claimed that research work has been badly affected due to Kovid-19.

More than 67% of research scholars at Jawaharlal Nehru University depend on the material available on campus as many do not have regular Internet access, the survey claimed, conducted between 27 June and 6 July among 530 research scholars Those who had to leave the premises were closed in March when due to the epidemic. This has raised concern among 87% of research scholars.

Surveys conducted by three research scholars have found that four out of five – 78.1% – scholars cannot even get enough research resources from their hostels, library lockers and laboratories when they move out of the house. The JNU Students’ Union demands that the campus be reopened, at least for research scholars.

Nearly three-fifths (67.2%) of the respondents also reported that they would have to use resources outside JNU – both inside the country and abroad, while the rest stated that the resources available at JNU would be sufficient for their research.

Alamu R., one of the scholars who conducted the survey, stated that only 35.8% of research scholars achieved 4G data speeds, while 14.9% had 3G or 2G speeds. “Those who do not have access to the Internet constitute 8.1% of the sample. It shows that online research is a myth, even primary data collection and research cannot be replaced by digital sources. We See the disparity in the ratio of access to electricity. ” .

Many scholars are also facing financial crisis due to inequality towards their association. At least 66.2% have not received any money since the epidemic and 40.1% are using their fellowship money to support their families.

While 85.4% of scholars – the submission dates until this December – have sought to extend a research period, close to 71.9% said they would not be able to submit their thesis without extension. Among scholars, 79.2% have also asked for fellowship over an extended period.


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