‘Operation Bandar’ received a major slap in the face of nuclear-armed India

‘Operation Bandar’ received a major slap in the face of nuclear-armed India

After two planes crashed, one pilot was captured alive – “Operation Monkey” – the Balakot strike – not only failed to achieve its objectives but also exposed India’s innate weaknesses in nuclear-armed India.

Friendly attempt to launch a deep offensive inside Pakistan after the false flag operation in Pulwama on February 14, 2019, to establish the military and technical superiority of the Pakistan Air Force and to thwart this myth of Indian military power.

Indian officials have dubbed the attack on Balakot “Operation Monkey” to reduce the likelihood of the news being leaked. The word “monkey” is chosen because monkeys enjoy a sacred place in Hinduism and it is a story of Hindu religious officials where Hanuman (a deity who resembles a monkey) hides. Entered Lanka from and burned it to the ground. The name was chosen – to secretly enter Pakistan and burn it to the ground.

The Indian Air Force carried out an airstrike near Balakot on February 26, 2019, targeting a religious seminary that India described as a militant camp, and shared the claims without any evidence to substantiate them. , Claimed to have killed more than 300 terrorists.

After the attack, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan said, “India has committed unabated aggression for which Pakistan will retaliate at any time and place of its choice … The Armed Forces and the people of Pakistan.” , Be prepared for all events. “

The Indian strike struck the hillside, killing a crow and damaging pine trees, which Prime Minister Imran Khan has repeatedly said hurt him because the trees were so close to his heart. ۔

Military attach اورs and foreign media also later visited the site and visited a nearby madrassa for children from a nearby village, who were fortunate enough to escape Indian negligence.

India claims that its air force has managed to kill more than 300 terrorists, while Pakistan but several international observers have denied this claim because there were no casualties and the bomb was clearly The incident was not a terrorist camp, but a typical religious school. , For village children.

In response, the Pakistan Air Force launched a retaliatory strike on February 27, 2019, primarily aimed at demonstrating Pakistan’s commitment and carefully designed to avoid casualties on the ground.

In the ensuing brief skirmish, the PAF shot dead two IAF planes and captured one pilot. The pilot was later released as a gesture of goodwill and to avoid further escalation. Pakistan later confirmed the arrest of Wing Commander Abi Nandan Warthman by the Pakistan Army. However, he was later released as a “sign of good will”.

India has claimed that one of its Mig-21s shot down a Pakistani F-16, which was also denied by a foreign policy magazine based on interviews with US Department of Defense (DOD) officials. Confirmed that no F-16 was missing. Pakistani inventory

While India termed the so-called Indian surgical strike as a great success and called it a ‘new routine’, on the other hand, India’s senior leadership blamed the failure on the unavailability of aircraft like the Raphael, according to which According to him, the outcome of the Balakot crisis would have changed.

Pakistan’s response was aimed at preventing war and establishing a nuclear standoff, the success of which can be gauged from the fact that India cannot move up the ladder and support it.

Pakistan has reliable conventional responses designed to meet various emergencies. These are now known as the ‘Quid Pro Coco Plus’ policy. This has not only strengthened Pakistan’s reputation for a nuclear standoff, but also helped restore confidence in traditional instability.

After facing humiliation at the hands of PAF in February 2019, India has shown an increase in arms and ammunition purchases.

Its effects were a major force in Ladakh – China established its supremacy and controlled the entire conflict zone. The Chinese had already calculated the Indian Army’s morale and response capability – taking a hint of what happened on February 27. At the end of the day, India was embarrassed by a small power, Pakistan, and within a year, a large country, China, paralyzed it.


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