Opposition is busy with the agenda of eliminating the weak country, Chief Minister

Opposition is busy with the agenda of eliminating the weak country, Chief Minister

Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Bazdar has lamented that the opposition is engaged in a professional agenda to weaken the country, because the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) does not care about the country’s development and progress but Only self-interest.

In a statement issued on Sunday, he said that the national economy was on the right track and the country was on the path of development and prosperity under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The Chief Minister said that despite Quaid 19, business activities were being revived rapidly, adding that people wanted development and prosperity instead of chaos. He added that the opposition was trying to obstruct the development process by spreading chaos. He warned that in the current situation, there is no room for politics of anarchy and anarchy. He said that those involved in the politics of chaos should show better sense, adding that Pakistanis would not be harmed by these reckless elements nor would they allow anyone to obstruct the process of development and progress. Will give

Usman Bazdar said that those who were trying to spread chaos in the country have been exposed. He warned that any attempt to interfere in national development would be thwarted. He further said that the PTI government headed by Prime Minister Imran Khan was given a five-year mandate and the government would complete its term. He added that these conspiracies have failed in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

He said that the government has always responded to the negative tactics of the opposition with public service, adding that the PTI government is leading the country towards sustainable development as it has been working for betterment and welfare for over two and a half years. Several steps have been taken. He said that simplification of government affairs has resulted in significant reduction in expenditure. In the past, national resources have been ruthlessly squandered on showpieces by former rulers, he said, adding that the PTI government has stopped the tradition of misuse of national resources.

The national treasury was the trust of the people and now it will be used only for their welfare, he promised and said that the direction of the government is right and the intention is good. He stressed that Pakistan would move forward under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan, no matter how many rejected elements propagandize. “We will remove every obstacle to real progress,” he said. He further said that the people have totally rejected the negative politics of the opposition. He said the accusers should look into their past, which was marred by corruption. He said that he was criticizing just for the sake of gaining political mileage.

He said there was no threat to the government from the opposition, adding that the opposition was frustrated with the people on every national issue. The opposition used all its energies in the service of the lips. The Chief Minister said that the people of Pakistan were fully aware of the double standards of the opposition, adding that the opposition should keep in mind that the people could not be served by mere statements. “We were with the people, we are with the people and we will continue to stand with them in the future,” the chief minister added.


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