Opposition’s interests are against Pakistan: PM Imran

Opposition’s interests are against Pakistan: PM Imran

Prime Minister Imran Khan is addressing a joint sitting of Parliament on September 16, 2020. – Geo News

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday urged the opposition to prioritize its interests over the country’s legislation on the Financial Action Task Force.

The Prime Minister was addressing a joint sitting of Parliament which was called upon to pass a basic bill to meet the requirements set by the FATF.

The opposition walked out of the meeting in protest of the bills not being passed and not being given a chance to speak.

Prime Minister Imran said that this day was an important day and the members of Parliament in the House showed that they stand by Pakistan.

“We should all know that this was not the case during our government. We went under FATF scrutiny and they were put on the gray list. We inherited this problem. [from past governments]The Prime Minister said.

“Blacklisting means imposing sanctions and being cut off from other countries,” he said.

“A country that is already facing a decline in its foreign exchange reserves will see pressure on its currency.

“The depreciating rupee will see an increase in import prices, including oil, and then increase input costs such as electricity, petrol, diesel and transport. It increases poverty,” he said.

Referring to the government’s “success in emerging from the crisis,” he said the World Health Organization was also asking others to “learn from us”.

“I hope the opposition will thank us for getting the country out of this difficult time […] The opposition has a huge role to play in democracy, because it represents the people and protects its interests.

“But when I saw the attitude of the opposition, the way they approached the FATF legislation, whatever they had always been about me, came true,” the prime minister said.

He said that he believed that the opposition would work with the government as it was in the interest of Pakistan. “Not only did they not thank us, but I was likened to Modi and his lockdown[…] What happened in parliament is criticism. They should at least have complimented us. “

The prime minister said that during the negotiations with the opposition, their conduct “made it clear that their interests and those of Pakistan were at odds”.

He said he only tried to protect his own interests and “tried to blackmail us in every possible way”.

Prime Minister Imran said that out of 38 proposed amendments to the Accountability Act, he presented his own amendment on 34 clauses. “They just wanted to legislate the NAB.”

“They used FATF legislation to shield themselves from allegations of corruption […] When they saw that we were not being blackmailed, there was a flurry of discussion on anti-money laundering legislation. “

Discussing the menace of money laundering, he said that illegally obtained funds are always kept abroad and invested in these properties.

“The developing world is getting poorer as more than 1,000 billion people go to developed countries every year.”

He said that this money, which was used in the country, would move towards human development.

“These dollars that are sent abroad ultimately put pressure on the rupee […] And then they ask us to eliminate money laundering [National Accountability Bureau] Legislation, “the Prime Minister remarked.

He said it was important to pass the legislation that was passed today, especially for money laundering. Citing a US State Department report, he said ڈالر 10 billion was laundered from Pakistan. “And the loan we took from the IMF is 6 billion […] If we stop this money laundering, we will no longer need these loans. “

Addressing the opposition, he said the government was “ready to compromise on anything in favor of Pakistan but we will never compromise on corruption”.

Legislation to prevent rape

The Prime Minister also expressed regret over the Lahore Motorway gang rape.

“We are thinking of legislating that protects not only our women but also our children whose lives have been ruined.

“Rape should be seen as something that destroys lives. In our culture, families also suffer, and children in particular suffer lifelong trauma.”

The Prime Minister said that the government would have a three-pronged approach.

“First of all, we will have registration. Sex offenders are registered everywhere. They are usually repeat offenders,” he said.

“Like Abid. He was involved in gang rape in the past and he managed to escape,” said Prime Minister Imran.

He said that many incidents have not been reported so far. “We always know that a small number have been reported.”

The Prime Minister said that a bill to address the issue of rape would be tabled in Parliament soon.

“To begin with, we will focus not only on the ideal sentence, but also on the sentence, which is not easy. The kind of evidence that is needed is very difficult to present.”

He said it was also a difficult task for the victims to stand in the courtroom and provide statements and therefore a “comprehensive legislation” would be tabled keeping these aspects in mind.


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