Optical fiber laying speed needs to go up about 4 times to achieve PM’s view: Taipea – Business News

Optical fiber laying speed needs to go up about 4 times to achieve PM’s view: Taipea – Business News

The Tower and Infrastructure Providers Association (Taipa) on Tuesday said that to realize the dream of connecting every village to broadband within 1,000 days of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, optical fiber laying needs to be increased almost 4 times.

In addition, government projects for emerging technologies such as Smart City, 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, call for connecting all mobile towers in the country with optical fiber cable (OFC).

“The Prime Minister in August 2020 conceptualized connecting every village in the country with OFC in 1,000 days. To achieve this approach, the cable would have to be laid at about 3.6 times the current speed, which would increase from an average of 350 km per day to 1,251 km per day, ”TRIPA Director General of Taipea told PTI.

He said that changes in traffic patterns, work-from-home, virtual meetings have increased data consumption in the epidemic era and require much larger bandwidth that requires fiber penetration.

“Fiberization enables high-quality broadband, which can organize high-quality broadband with high-speed data, ultra-low latency and flexible bandwidth,” said Dua.

According to Taipa, about 28 lakh kilometers of OFC have been laid in the country and 34 percent of the towers have been fiberized by 31 August 2020.

To achieve the goal of “National Broadband Mission-For Broadband for All” and to meet the demands of large bandwidth as the average data consumption for each consumer is continuously increasing, we need to increase the fiberization of towers from the current 34 percent . At least 70 percent, ”said Dua.

He said that this would also facilitate better backhaul to the telecom towers, so as to meet the requirement of high volume data and better quality of services.


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