Option for online teaching, new grading system to complete IIT Gandhinagar semester

Option for online teaching, new grading system to complete IIT Gandhinagar semester

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New Delhi: Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar is to complete the semester through online classes and has developed a new grading system for the same.

As a pilot, some faculties at IIT were requested to teach remotely during the revised summer term which was advanced in view of the lockdown imposed in March 2020 to prevent the spread of COVID19. It will now complete the syllabus from the second semester of the 2019-20 academic year through online classes starting on June 8, 2020 as faculty found that most students adjusted well to the online format and their engagement levels were often lower than these. -Person classes were comparable. Semester interrupted.

Professor Prateek Mutha, Dean (Academic Affairs), IIT Gandhinagar, said: “We are asking faculty to document their approach so that the institute learns about practices that have been successful and facilitated students learning, as well Even ways that don’t work together. Well. ”

The institute will not issue any letter grades for courses in the second semester. Two new grades are being introduced for all courses in this semester – (P (E) ‘and’ I / F ‘.’ P (E) ‘grade or [Pass (Emergency)] There is a passing grade that is assessed by the faculty that a student has met the requirements to pass the course and will have a different meaning than the normal ‘P’ grade, and will not do so on the transcript.

An I / F ‘grade will be assigned if the student has not met the course requirements or has not performed well enough to warrant a passing grade. All students given an ‘I / F’ grade will have an opportunity to meet the course requirement and improve their performance and earn a ‘P (E)’ grade.

The revised grading policy for the semester is designed to reflect continuing learning, ensure fair fairness, and the disruptive impact of the epidemic on the educational system.

Mutha, said: “If even after this assessment a student’s performance does not warrant a ‘P (E)’ grade, the ‘I / F’ grade will be converted to the traditional ‘F’ grade and the course. Credit will naturally not be counted towards graduation requirements. Thus, an I / F ‘grade will not appear on a student’s final official record. Neither ither P (E) of Semester II, 2019-20 ‘Nor’ F ‘grade will be calculated in the CPI (Cumulative Performance Index) calculation. ”

For MTech and PhD students, grades for thesis units will continue as either or ‘S’ or ‘U’ as is usually the case. However, any one awarded in semester II, 2019-20, U ‘grade will be removed from the student’s record. Graduation requirements remain unchanged.


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