Our Final Part 2: Our Final Part: Part II has become the fastest-selling PS4-exclusive game

Our Final Part 2: Our Final Part: Part II has become the fastest-selling PS4-exclusive game

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American video game developer naughty DogSurvival action rpg The last of usAccording to a report by Gamerant, Part II has become the fastest-selling PlayStation4-exclusive game within five days of its launch.
Prior to The Last of Us: Part II, the title for the fastest-selling PS4-exclusive game, another title by Naughty Dog, was kept by Uncharted 4. According to the report, excluding digital sales, initial sales numbers have been cited as “1% higher than the unsolicited 4”. Now, once the facts in digital sales are revealed, the game will probably break the previous record set by Uncharted 4. Reportedly, the game has already been declared the fastest selling sport. PS4 Games in the UK.
The action-adventure game can be purchased from the PlayStation store in India for Rs 3,999. This is the base game price. The base game file size is 93.37GB. The Last of Us Part II Digital Deluxe Edition is also available on PS Store which comes at a price of Rs 4,799. This edition includes a digital soundtrack, a digital dark horse mini art book, six PSN avatars for PS4, and PS4 dynamic themes. The game file size is 99.04GB.
The Last of Us: Part II took seven years to come after the first game. This pandemic is a continuation of Ellie and Joel’s journey into America’s sports world, not only with the infected, but also oblivious to the troubles of others as people and communities become infected. It is the classic scenario to find the right existence, the right partner, to test people’s loyalty, and to explore the meaning of life in an environment that can be hostile at any time.


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