Our vision for the future should be man-centered: PM Modi at India Ideas Summit | India news

Our vision for the future should be man-centered: PM Modi at India Ideas Summit | India news

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NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Wednesday said that our vision in the future should be human-centric for the poor and vulnerable. India Think Summit.
While delivering his keynote address at the summit, PM Modi Said that we all agree that the world is needed for a better future. And, it is all of us who have to collectively shape the future.
Here are the key points:
* India and America are two vibrant democracies with shared values. We are natural partners. Our friendship has raised many heights. It is time that our relations play an important role in bouncing the world back from the epidemic.
* I would like to tell American investors that there has never been a better time to invest in India.
* What we have is essential to the power of global economic recovery. The rise of India means an increase in business opportunities with a country you can trust.
* Even during the Kovid-19 epidemic, India has attracted foreign investment of over $ 20 billion between April and July.
* When markets are open, when opportunity is high and options are many, can optimism be far behind! You can see the optimism when India rises to major trade ratings. Especially the ease of doing business ratings of the World Bank.
* India invites you to invest in defense and space. We are raising the FDI cap to 74% for investment in the defense sector. India has established two defense corridors to encourage production of defense equipment and platforms.
* Civil aviation is another area of ​​great potential development. Air passengers are expected to more than double within the next 8 years. Top private Indian airlines plan to add more than a thousand new aircraft in the coming decade.
* India and the United States have built a strong partnership in the pharma sector. Now is the best time to invest in the Indian healthcare sector.
* India invites you to invest in healthcare. The healthcare sector in India is growing at more than 22 percent every year.
* Our companies are also making progress in the production of medical-technology, telemedicine and diagnostics.
* Today, there is global optimism towards India. This is because India offers an ideal combination of openness, opportunities and technologies. Openness in people and governance is celebrated in India. Open minds create open markets and open markets lead to greater prosperity.
* India is emerging as a land of opportunities. For the first time, we have more rural internet users than urban internet users.
* It took the form of a global epidemic that reminds us of the importance of resilience.
* Global economic resilience can be achieved by strong domestic economic capabilities. This means improving domestic capacity for manufacturing, restoring the health of the financial system, and diversifying international trade.
* Our vision in the future should be human-centered with the poor and the weak.
* Virtual Summit is being hosted US-India Business Council And this year marks the 45th anniversary of the formation of the council.
* Theme of this year’s India Think Summit ‘Create better future‘, A statement from the Prime Minister’s Office said.


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