Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during this time, the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned

According to an EU study, between December and April, the two countries’ state-run media pushed online fake news in several languages ​​to sensationalize vaccine concerns, leading to jobs and deaths in Europe. Baseless contacts were made and Russian and Chinese vaccines were declared superior.

The Kremlin and Beijing have denied all allegations of misunderstanding by the European Union, which produces regular reports and works with Google, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft to curb the spread of fake news. Try

Russian and Chinese vaccine diplomacy, “adheres to the logic of a zero-sum game and combined with incompetence and manipulation efforts to undermine confidence in Western-made vaccines,” is part of EEAS’s foreign policy. An EU study released by the bloc’s Disinformation Unit said.

“Both Russia and China are using social media, including state-controlled media, a network of proxy media outlets, and social diplomatic social media accounts, to achieve their goals,” the report said.

The European Union and NATO Regularly accuse Russia of trying to destabilize the West by exploiting divisions in society, including covert operations.

Vaccine supply problems AstraZeneca, As well as Astra and very rare side effects Johnson and Johnson The report said that vaccinations have been given.

Both Chinese state-run channels and pro-Kremlin media have promoted material about alleged side effects of the Western vaccine, misrepresentation and sensationalization of international media reports, and those involved in the killings. Pfizer / Biotech The vaccine Norway, Spain And elsewhere, “the report said.

Russia denies any such move and the president Vladimir Putin Russia has been accused of targeting foreign enemies by spreading fake news about the corona virus.

Last year, China sought to block an EU report alleging that Beijing was spreading false information about the spread of the coronavirus, according to a Reuters investigation.


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