Over 1.5 lakhs in India, last 50k in 9 days. India news

Over 1.5 lakhs in India, last 50k in 9 days. India news

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NEW DELHI: India has crossed the critical situation of 1.5 lakh Kovid-19 cases by registering 6,366 fresh cases on Wednesday, taking the country’s total caseload to 1,54,141. While it took 109 days to break the mark of one lakh cases, it took just nine days to cross the next 50,000 cases level, indicating a surge in fresh cases.
Maharashtra is contributing to a significant number of these cases, including 2,190 new patients on Wednesday, or more than one-third of the country. Maharashtra accounts for about 3 India% of Caseloid in India alone, with a total of 58,949 accounts.
With 105 fresh accidents, Maharashtra became the first state in India to record triple-digit deaths in a single day, taking the state’s cumulative toll to 1,897 and the country’s 4525. India accounted for 57% of the 185 casualty recorded on Wednesday. From Maharashtra. India has the second highest number of casualties on Wednesday, after a record 199 deaths recorded on 5 May.

Officials in Maharashtra attributed the high fatalities to the booking on Wednesday, of which 39 said 39 occurred in the last two days, while the remaining were between 21 April and 24 May. 32 deaths were recorded in Mumbai on Wednesday and 21 of them occurred during the period April 21. And 24 May. In the last two days, 202 deaths have been recorded in Maharashtra.
The Public Health Department of Maharashtra said that till last week, the doubling rate, which was 11.5 days, has increased to 14.7 days till Wednesday. In another positive development, 67,597 or about 44% of patients have recovered from the virus nationwide.
After Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu reported the highest number of caseloads, 817, while both Delhi and Gujarat crossed the 15,000 mark on Wednesday. With a record 792 new cases in a single day, Delhi had a total of 15,257 cases while the cumulative cases in Gujarat were 15205, with 376 new patients.
After Maharashtra, Gujarat recorded the maximum deaths, 23, taking the state toll to 938. Ahmedabad district alone accounted for 764 of these deaths. Major sources in the state government said that there is a possibility of a fifth lockdown for two to three weeks in view of the spread of the virus in the state.
There were 15 deaths in Delhi, eight in Madhya Pradesh and six in Tamil Nadu, Bengal and Telangana.
Uttar Pradesh crossed the 7,000 mark after registering 269 fresh cases, taking the state’s caseload to 7026. The state reported five more deaths, taking the toll to 177.
Three deaths were reported from Rajasthan and Karnataka, two from Jammu and Kashmir and one each from Andhra Pradesh, Bihar and Haryana.
With 134 fresh cases, Andhra Pradesh recorded the highest single-day boom in either of the two Telugu states, taking the coastal state of Casalod to 3,117. With another death, the toll increased to 58. 107 new cases were reported in neighboring Telangana.
Assam saw the biggest jump in the number of cases recovered, with 25, even 92 new patients reaching the state’s 774 in Kesload. Among the latest cases is a woman from Guwahati who is the first domestic flight passenger to test positive in the state. In neighboring Nagaland, five more cases were reported, with a total of nine people infected – all of whom returned to the state on May 22 by a labor special from Chennai.


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