Owen Coyle: Ruby Fowler is in the Legacy Club. He will see how big it all is Football

OVan Coyle has managed Bolton Wanderers, Burnley and Blackburn Rovers and some of the oldest clubs in the world. Houston had an MLS stint with Dynamo and his first season in the Indian Super League was with Chennai, which ended in defeat in the Championship play-off final in March. After battling the corona virus last month, Scott, still in India, is hoping to compete better with Jamshedpur in the 2020-21 campaign that kicked off on Friday and the three-year-old club won its first national title. did it.

It will not be easy in any tournament which started in 2014 as a glamorous side show but it has become the main event of Indian football. Six years ago, a fusion of Bollywood actors, cricket legends, big business and European clubs, eight franchises imported old stars like Robert Paris, Alessandro del Peru and David Trezigot amid much excitement. Since then it has calmed down and replaced the I-League in 2019, without controversy, to become India’s top scorer. The 10-week season lasts more than four months and paves the way for the Asian tournament. This is a league that is visible in the moving places.

Well, not so much this year, but then if you get stuck in a football bubble that will host all 11 teams, there are worse places than Goa. Coyle, who joined Jamshedpur – whose first head coach was Steve Koppel. With his one-year contract with Chennai expiring, he has not been able to enjoy the beaches and restaurants that make the West Coast state famous. “We go out of our room to eat and then into our rooms, then out for training and then into the room,” says Coyle. “If you are a tourist in this beautiful hotel, you will have a great time, but it is a big challenge for us.”

The Republic of Ireland expects the majority to be psychologists, with players and staff being held together for four months. More than any other season, the mindset and spirit of the team will be decisive, especially as Jamshedpur will not stop playing in front of his loyal fans. Last season, they had an average attendance of over 20,000. Although the journey can be difficult in normal seasons, it provides an opportunity to see a beautiful country and experience football hotspots like Kerala and Kolkata and one of the most important things for Mumbai city owners to join the City Football Group. Will present the full picture. In charge first full season.

However, a little more time should be given to get some more necessary training. “We have to try to ensure that the duration of the season training, which is usually six weeks before, is four weeks, in which the players come out of the quarantine at different times,” he said. Many of them have not played for seven months and we are careful not to act too soon. Fans should expect some initial rust. “The more the league goes, the better the game will be.”

It did not help that Coyle had a positive experience after returning to India in October. “We took the test two days before we arrived and it was negative. We arrived in Goa and again the next morning it was negative and then two days later it was positive. I was lucky I didn’t have a symptom, especially when you see it. What happened around the world and back home.

Ruby Fowler

Ruby Fowler is a new manager in East Bengal, one of the historically well-supported Indian clubs. Photograph: Albert Perez / Getty Images

Now there are two British colleagues to discuss at home. Well-traveled Stuart Baxter is in charge of Odisha and Robbie Fowler took power in East Bengal last month. Kolkata’s historic club, which can attract more than 100,000 fans with Mohan Bagan, has added its old rivals to the ISL. This is a big challenge for the former Liverpool striker, whose coaching experience is limited to Thailand and Australia.

“Robbie is in the Liracy clubs like Rangers and Celtic and they’ll see how big it all is,” says Coyle. “I talked to him the other night. They have signed some good players. He has a good head on his shoulders but I told him that there are a lot of cultural differences.

Coyle had his first taste as a Blackburn manager as the owner of Venky based in Pune, he has been the owner since 2010. He left with the club in the Championship area before the end of the 2016-17 season. “It was a different experience,” he says with a smile about working with the poultry community. “I could have stayed here all day and sold 15 million players here, but I don’t mind talking about anyone. Whatever happened, happened.”

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It worked, but the Rovers quickly returned to second place. The news in Bolton is less good. Several months have passed since Coyle left Burnley in 2010 after a controversial move with the club in the Premier League. A decade and Bolton are at the bottom of League Two. “They will recover from the fan base they have,” says Coyle. “The nature of football is a hoax and all clubs are going through difficult times.” They have taken a step back, but they will move forward again. “

The coils will go back but not yet. “I could have taken chances back home and maybe one day I would, but I like it here.”


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