Pak pigeon demanded intervention from PM Modi to get his pigeon back. India news

Pak pigeon demanded intervention from PM Modi to get his pigeon back. India news

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Amritsar: Pakistan’s pigeon enthusiast Habibullah, who shot to fame for cross border sorting of his pigeons with ’embedded codes’ on his ring, has asked both Indians Pakistan Government to ensure the return of their pigeon. If the pigeon is not returned, it has announced plans to perform Indo-Pak International boundary to attract international media attention.
Residents of Bagga Sharif village near Shakargarh Tehsil Narowal District In Punjab, Pakistan, Habibullah said in a video message, he was fond of flying pigeons and flown many pigeons on the occasion of Eid.
“The person who crossed the border of India was my favorite pigeon but I was surprised to find the other day that my pigeon had some embedded code on his ring as a spy pigeon,” he said. Engraved has his mobile number on the ring.
In his video, Habibullah claims that every pigeon carries his mobile number in case the pigeon is lost.
On 25 May, a Pakistani pigeon landed in Maneri village Hiranagar Area near international border in Kathua, Jammu and Kashmir, with a code message. The pigeon was handed over to the police who claim that the ations investigation has been started. ‘
In the past, the exchange of coded messages between cross-border smugglers and terrorists was a common practice on both sides of the border, but avians were replaced with the advent of mobile phones and the Internet. However, ever since security agencies have started tapping electronic messages, many smugglers and terrorists have once again used pigeons to send messages from across the border.
In the video message, Habibullah has urged the PM Narendra Modi To return his pigeon while his other ‘demands’ include unconditional apology to his pigeon by the Indian media. The owner of the pigeon has demanded the government of Pakistan to raise the issue with the Indian government through a diplomatic channel and get their pigeon back.
Habibullah said, “Now I am protesting from my village, if my pigeon does not come back then I will protest on Indo-Pak international border.”


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