Pakistan FM Qureshi faced criticism at home for condemning Saudi Arabia over Kashmir

Pakistan FM Qureshi faced criticism at home for condemning Saudi Arabia over Kashmir

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Pakistan FM Shah Mehmood Qureshi file photo

Islamabad: Foreign Minister of Pakistan Shah Mehmood QureshiComments against Saudi Arab After Riyadh refuses to intervene Kashmir issue, Has invited criticism at home.
The difference in their relations came to light when Pakistan was made to return $ 1 billion to Saudi Arabia. This reflects the fact that Islamabad is gradually losing the support of other Muslim countries.
Recently two Pakistani journalists – Rauf Klassra and Amir Mateen – discussed Saudi Arabia’s sudden policy shift towards Pakistan.
Criticizing Qureshi for making such a statement, Mateen said, “Sometimes Qureshi speaks emotionally. He turns away.”
As Pakistan, which is in financial crisis, depends on Saudi Arabia, Qureshi should be wary of making any statement.
“As we are heavily dependent on Saudi Arabia, we should only complain to a certain extent. Because of this kind of situation, Qureshi should be Mohammad bin salman Is young and impulsive. ”
Matin continued, “It should not have been expected that since Saudi Arabia is a friend of Pakistan, it would automatically be against India’s stand on Kashmir. It is not a college but an international arena.”
Since the repeal of Article 370 of India, Pakistan has been insisting on the meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), due to which this development is moving even faster. Jammu And Kashmir.
In a report published by Dawn, Pakistan’s diplomatic source confirmed that Saudi Arabia had shown reluctance to accept Islamabad’s request for an immediate meeting of the OIC foreign ministers on Kashmir.
Pakistan failed to garner support after support from OIC members in Kashmir on 22 May Imran Khan “The reason for this is that we have no voice and there is total division between us. We cannot even come together at the OIC meeting on Kashmir,” he said.
However, Pakistan reportedly made efforts to advance its statement to raise the issue of arising Islamophobia In his agenda in India, Maldives, An ally of India, thwarted the move, saying “isolated statements by motivated people and disruptive campaigns on social media should not be regarded as representative of the sentiment of 1.3 billion”.
Malmivian Permanent Representative to the UN Thilmija Hussain said that accusing Islamophobia in the context of India would be factually incorrect.


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