Pakistan has approached the United Nations to investigate the LOC attack

Pakistan has approached the United Nations to investigate the LOC attack

Pakistan, along with India and the United Nations along the Line of Control (LOC), has launched a reprehensible attack by India on UN Military Observer Group (UNMOGIP) observers and their vehicle, and the incident is transparent Has called for an investigation. .

In a letter to the UN Secretary-General and the President of the Security Council, Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations has said that UN observers and their vehicle are being deliberately targeted – with the UN logo on it. It was clearly marked and the blue flag of the United Nations was flying. – It seems that a new coercive and reckless move is being made by India to obstruct the work of UNMOGIP and to facilitate another Indian military corruption against Pakistan.

The letter also told the Secretary-General and the UNSC that Pakistan had credible information that the RSS-BJP government was trying to divert attention from its domestic problems and “justify any further wrongdoing against Pakistan”. Is planning to attack the ‘false flag’. The letter warned that if that happened, Pakistan would exercise its right to defend itself.

The letter from Pakistan’s Permanent Representative called on the United Nations to strongly condemn the attack on UNMOGIP observers and urge India to adhere to the 2003 ceasefire agreement. The letter said the United Nations should respond positively and promptly to repeated calls to the United Nations to strengthen UNMOGIP and improve its ability to learn and report on ceasefire violations. ۔

Pakistan has also reminded the United Nations that the illegal and inhumane military siege and communication lockdown in the occupied territories has now continued for more than 500 days. Highlighting the atrocities and crimes committed by the Indian occupying forces against innocent Kashmiris since August 2019, it is predicted that India’s final plan is to convert IIOJK’s demographic structure from a Muslim-majority area to a Hindu-majority one.

Drawing attention to the deteriorating situation along the LoC, Pakistan’s communications recall that India has violated more than 3,000 unprovoked ceasefires along the LoC and working boundary this year alone, mainly civilians. Populated areas were targeted, including 92 women and 68. Of those children, 27 had testified.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that India’s deliberate firing on the vehicle of the UN Military Observer Group had “completely disregarded all international principles of acceptable state conduct and respect for international law”. ۔

In a statement on Twitter, the Prime Minister said that India had violated 3,000 ceasefires along the Line of Control (LoC) and Working Boundary in 2020 alone, with 276 including 92 women and 68 children. More Pakistanis have been killed. He said that Pakistan strongly condemned the bullying of India.

The Prime Minister added that India’s internal woes include economic recession, sharp farmers’ protests, and the utility of Cowed-19. He added that India was trying to divert attention from the crisis. “Modi [government] Will be removed from [its] “I am making an internal mess by operating a false flag against Pakistan,” the Prime Minister wrote [it] Very clear [international] In a society where India fails to conduct a false flag operation against Pakistan, it will counter a strong national Pakistani resolve and respond appropriately to this threat at every level. Make no mistake, “he said.

Pakistan on Sunday summoned a senior Indian diplomat to the Foreign Ministry for protesting against ceasefire violations by Indian occupying forces along the Line of Control (LoC).

Sagheera, 25, daughter of Hanif, a resident of Akori village, was critically injured in an unprovoked and unprovoked firing by the Indian occupying forces on December 19 in Rakhchikari sector of LOC.

According to a Foreign Office spokesman, along the Line of Control and the Working Boundary (WB), Indian occupying forces continue to target civilian areas with artillery fire, heavy-duty mortars and automatic weapons. He added that in 2020, the Indian occupying forces have so far committed 3,003 ceasefire violations, killing 27 people and injuring 250 innocent civilians.


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