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Pakistan paid a heavy price for joining the wars of others

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday said that economic self-reliance and long-term planning is essential for the country’s development as countries have suffered in the past due to the short-term approach of previous governments.

Addressing the launch of a documentary drama ‘Wings of Water’ here, the Prime Minister advised against the approach of persuading others to create a soft image of Pakistan. “Economic self-reliance is the only key to gaining respect in the world,” he said. He added that nations that live on the help and debt of others can never have dignity.

“I hear again and again that we need to present a soft image of Pakistan. What does soft image mean? Why do we say this and if this soft image is established, will the world consider us very good? They said. We should not suffer from this kind of misunderstanding. It’s a low-key job. When a nation loses its confidence, it tries to please the people.

He said that citing the vision of ‘enlightened moderation’ introduced by former military ruler General (retd) Pervez Musharraf, people should not plan for the steps that Western countries would take. “For the first time in our lives, we’ve heard the term ‘enlightened moderation.’ No one knows what that means. Most people thought we were as moderate as people in the West.” So people started speaking English and wearing western clothes, and so on [thought] He said he had become moderate. “Is this moderation?” Please understand that this is a complex of inferiority complex.

Imran Khan said that Pakistanis had to promote only one image: a free nation that stands on its own feet, trusts itself, does not trust anyone, does not borrow from anyone and does not beg. Is. “That’s when the world respects you,” he said. Emphasizing that a nation that is self-reliant and thinks big has real honor. So the nation should not think that we are moving around to please the world by presenting a soft image.

The prime minister said the first mistake was to join the US-led war on terror after 9/11, which had done great damage to the country. He said that the country can survive only when the people pay taxes so that government affairs like expansion of education and health facilities to the people can be run. He said that Pakistan has a lot of potential and all that needs to be done is to build confidence in its capabilities.

“We entered the war of someone else who was not ours, we should never have joined it,” he said, adding that Pakistan first glorified jihad in the 1980s. And took part in making the Mujahideen ‘heroes’, and later pursued them as ‘terrorists’ at the behest of the United States after 9/11. “So the country inevitably had to pay a heavy price.”

In this context, the Prime Minister said, people should not think that we need to present a soft image of ourselves because they (the West) started calling us ‘terrorists’. “You can never get into someone else’s war, take advantage of them and fall victim to it,” he insisted.

He said that no other country has the same capabilities in Pakistan and the nation itself is ‘undersal’. “As long as we don’t think that unless someone from outside lends us because of our soft image, we can’t do anything, we can’t move forward,” he added.

He lamented that Pakistan had suffered a lot due to poor policies of being a part of foreign conflicts in exchange for aid. “But we have to learn from these mistakes that there is no free lunch,” he said. “Past mistakes, teach us a lesson that we need to strengthen our country so it does not need to ask for loans and aid from other countries,” he said. He hoped that Pakistan would soon “stand on its own two feet” when the nation realizes that it has the potential to excel in all fields.

Highlighting the importance of long-term planning in nation building, Prime Minister Imran said that in Pakistan, governments want to end projects in their five-year tenure so that billions can be spent on advertising to win. In the next election, he said, one of the biggest disadvantages of this ‘disability’ was that although hydropower was cheap in the country and water resources could be built for agriculture, past governments had short-lived Due to which electricity produced by Pakistan today was one of the most expensive countries in the subcontinent.


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