Pakistani expat helps in the reconstruction and development of Pakistan

Pakistani expat helps in the reconstruction and development of Pakistan

A large part of the country’s economy is based on foreign remittances and exports, which Prime Minister Imran Khan always emphasizes in all his speeches and cabinet meetings. As such, overseas Pakistanis are the backbone of the country’s economy as they regularly exchange foreign exchange.

Such people do great work in their respective fields and are recognized for their outstanding achievements. Outside of Pakistan, however, he maintains strong ties with Pakistan and is interested in playing his part, especially financially, for the nation.
Pakistan benefits greatly from overseas Pakistanis who benefit from their Western business relations for the overall betterment of Pakistan’s welfare. Overseas Pakistanis have expressed their devotion to Pakistan through ongoing charity and continuous economic development activities.

After the tragedy of 9/11, Muslims faced the challenge of protecting their lives and property and restoring the sanctity of the Holy Prophet (SAW). However, 19 years later, Pakistanis abroad are still dealing with aftershocks.

Your Excellency. The sanctity of Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa of is an essential part of every Muslim’s faith. The tragedy of 9/11 badly affected not only the United States but the entire world, especially Muslims, and intensified racism and religious hatred all over the world.

To eradicate Islamophobia, we started community service and philanthropy by funding the film: Prophet Muhammad’s Legacy of Prophet Muhammad – a documentary made to fight racism, anti-Muslim hatred Which came after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The documentary was released on PBS in 2002 in the United States and across the country. We have been supporting Pakistan and Muslim causes in Europe, America and China for two decades. We have also promoted investment opportunities in Pakistan that encourage European and American institutional investors to invest in both public and private countries, especially Pakistan-Pakistan infrastructure.

In the early 2000’s, we ran the Asia division of the American and European Fortune 500 financial services company. In Punjab, we are trying to help export Pakistani farm products and their fruits and vegetables to China.

Our current focus is: 1) Joint ventures with Chinese companies for Pakistan, the Middle East and North Africa. 2) Working on a private China-Pakistan fund for foreign direct investment in Pakistan as a prisoner; 3) Working with Chinese and GCC partners for affordable housing in Pakistan. )) Promoting Pakistani agricultural products and food companies in China, Europe and the United States and Chinese) with Chinese and Middle Eastern investors in China focusing on artificial intelligence, face recognition, virtual reality, financial services technology Creating funds to invest in startup companies. Creating clean technology and next generation apps.

We are pushing Pakistani fruits (mangoes), vegetables and organic honey to Chinese markets in discussions with Chinese food importers and the Chinese Ministry of Food for approval of these exports from Pakistan.

We are assisting US importers in facilitating the importation of Pakistani mangoes for stable sales of Pakistani mangoes in 50 states so that standardization work can be done. We are regularly assisting Pakistani garment manufacturers to export their products to Europe and the United States.

We are doing this to help create jobs for Pakistanis and create foreign exchange for Pakistan. During the Covid-19 epidemic, we also supported the NDMA, the Pakistan Army and other government agencies when the urgently needed ventilators for Pakistan were safe when no one was available globally.

We have personally donated over 500,000 virus test kits, temperature testing machines, N95, KN95 and surgical masks to the Pakistani government, Pakistani army and NGOs. Many of these items were delivered by Pakistan Air Force planes from China to Pakistan.

Through anonymous donations, we have helped Children’s Hospital, which is part of Jinnah Hospital in Karachi. We have done the same for the Red Crescent, especially for their blood donation centers where their father Mubarak Shah Zubair was the founding chairman.

We are taking all possible steps to rebuild and develop Pakistan and help those in need around us. However, we still face many difficulties and challenges which are exacerbated by the inattention of the concerned authorities.

There is no doubt that creating favorable conditions and a relationship of trust for Pakistanis abroad will be a long and difficult journey for any government, and the Imran Khan-led government is committed to doing so.

Imam Zubair is an American businessman, venture capitalist, philanthropist and political fundraiser.


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