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Pakistani PM accuses women of dressing in rape Pakistan

Former cricketer accuses women of dressing up to escalate rape cases, after Pakistani rights activists accuse Prime Minister Imran Khan of “shocking” ۔

Khan, an Oxford-educated man, said in a live television interview over the weekend that the increase in rape “indicates the consequences in any society where immorality is on the rise.”

Incidents of rape on women; [have] In fact, society has grown very fast, “he said.

He advised women to cover up to prevent sedition. “This whole concept of the veil is to avoid temptation. Not everyone wants to avoid it, “he said, using a term that refers to the separation of modest clothing or gender.

Hundreds of people signed a statement circulating online on Wednesday calling Khan’s comments “really wrong, sensitive and dangerous.” “The fault lies entirely with the rapist and the system that enables rape, which includes cultures that are reinforced by rhetoric. [Khan], “He says.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, an independent watchdog, said it was “disturbed” by the comments. “It not only shows the astonishing negligence of where, why and how the abuse takes place, but also the indictment of the survivors of the rape, which the government has been accused of,” she said. It should be noted that from young children to victims of honor crimes.

Pakistan is a deeply conservative country where survivors of sexual exploitation are often viewed with suspicion and criminal complaints are rarely investigated.

Much of the country is living under a “code of conduct” where women who shame their families can be tortured or killed. It is regularly ranked among the worst places in the world for gender equality.

Protests across the country began last year when a police chief advised a gang-raped youth to drive at night without a male partner.

Franco, a Pakistani woman, was attacked on the side of the motorway in front of her children when her car ran out of fuel.

Last year, after another television appearance, Khan was also criticized for failing to challenge a Muslim cleric’s insistence that the corona virus was transmitted due to women’s misconduct.

The latest controversy comes as organizers march on the back of International Women’s Day in what they call the Proportionate Disinformation Campaign, which includes online documentaries and videos.

He accused her of blasphemy. This is a very sensitive issue in Pakistan, where mobs have attacked people in the past because of allegations.

Organizers of the annual rally have called on the prime minister to intervene.

In his weekend TV show, Khan also blamed divorce rates in the UK for the “sex, drugs and rock ‘neural’ culture that began in the 1970s, when Khan was twice divorced. Gaining a reputation as a playboy in London.


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